Gratitude Overflow: Aspiring Actress Favour Receives Life-Changing N1 Million from Spyro

A Gift That Touched Hearts:

In a heartwarming moment, a Nigerian lady named Favour found herself overwhelmed with emotion as popular Afrobeat singer Spyro gifted her a generous sum of N1 million.

The video capturing this touching gesture quickly went viral online.

Unbelievable Credit Alert:

Favour, an aspiring actress, shared her astonishment at waking up to a credit alert on Monday, November 13. This unexpected and significant amount left her utterly speechless, and she took to a video to express her gratitude and disbelief.

Emotional Acknowledgment:

In the emotional video, Favour conveyed how fortunate and lucky she felt to receive such a thoughtful gift from Spyro.

The aspiring actress expressed her deep appreciation for the Afrobeat artist, emphasizing the impact of his generosity on her life.

Spyro’s Response and Reasoning:

Spyro himself responded to Favour’s video, shedding light on the reason behind his generous gift. He noted that Favour consistently shared images and videos of him on her social media, displaying unwavering support by posting about him at least three times a day.

A Fan’s Dedication:

The Afrobeat star also recounted a particular incident during his visit to Abuja where Favour waited for hours in the rain just to meet him.

Impressed by her dedication, Spyro decided to return the favor, acknowledging her love for him and describing her as having a lovely soul.

Heartfelt Connection:

In Spyro’s words, Favour is now considered a part of his family, and he encouraged her to reach out whenever she needs assistance.

The artist expressed his gratitude for the framed picture of him in Favour’s house, sealing the heartfelt connection between the Afrobeat star and his dedicated fan.


This heartwarming story highlights the impact celebrities can have on their dedicated fans and the genuine connections that can develop through shared moments of appreciation.

Spyro’s gesture has not only touched Favour’s life but has also resonated with the online community, spreading positivity and joy.

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