Conference Explores History and Culture of Outlander, A Celebration of Scotland’s Influence

Conference Explores History and Culture of Outlander, A Celebration of Scotland’s Influence

...By Enitan Thompson for TDPel Media.

The University of Glasgow is organizing a conference that delves into the rich history and captivating culture showcased in the popular television series, Outlander.


Based on the book series by Diana Gabaldon, the conference aims to explore various aspects of the show, including its historical, political, cultural, linguistic, sartorial, and musical elements.

With Dr. Gabaldon herself delivering a keynote speech, the event promises to be a significant gathering for fans and scholars alike.

This exploration of Outlander’s impact comes at a time when the series has garnered worldwide attention and boosted Scotland’s global recognition, thanks to its nine novels and six television seasons.

Outlander: A Gateway to Scotland’s History and Culture:

The conference seeks to analyze and celebrate the influence of Outlander, which has become a prominent representative of Scotland’s heritage.

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By intertwining adventure, fantasy, and romance against the backdrop of Scotland, Diana Gabaldon’s creation has contributed to the country’s literary legacy.

From the historical narratives crafted by writers like Walter Scott to the captivating works of Dorothy Dunnett, Scotland has long been known for its rich tradition of historical writing.


Outlander, inspired by Scotland itself, has not only added to this tradition but has also become a catalyst for increased tourism and engagement with the languages and intricate past of the nation.

Dr. Gabaldon’s Role:

As a testament to her significant contribution to the Outlander series, Dr. Gabaldon has been invited to deliver a keynote speech during the conference.

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Her involvement underscores the importance of her work and the impact it has had on both readers and viewers.

This honor is a reflection of the University of Glasgow’s recognition of the influence of Outlander and the scholarly value it holds.

The Power of Outlander:

Outlander’s immense popularity has transcended the boundaries of fiction and entertainment.

By skillfully integrating Scotland’s historical context and cultural elements, the series has captivated a global audience.

With the upcoming release of the seventh season, the timing of the conference couldn’t be better.

It offers fans a chance to immerse themselves further in the world of Outlander, gaining a deeper appreciation for the historical, political, and cultural aspects woven into the narrative.

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The University of Glasgow’s initiative to host a conference dedicated to the exploration of Outlander is a testament to the series’ impact and influence.

By focusing on the history, politics, culture, languages, clothing, and music depicted in the show, the conference acknowledges the multidimensional nature of Outlander’s appeal.

Furthermore, Dr. Gabaldon’s presence adds scholarly weight to the event and emphasizes the significance of her work.

The conference not only celebrates Outlander but also recognizes its contribution to Scotland’s image on the global stage, fostering interest in the country’s complex past and increasing engagement with its cultural heritage.


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