Men in India Targeted in Extensive Internet Scam, Eight Arrested in Expansive Fraud Probe

‘All India Pregnant Job’ Scam Unveiled

A comprehensive internet scam dubbed the ‘All India Pregnant Job’ has duped numerous unsuspecting men across the country.

Predicated on the lure of handsome payments and the chance to conceive children with childless women, this elaborate scheme has ensnared hundreds through deceitful tactics.

False Promises and Financial Scam

Fraudsters enticed men by offering opportunities to spend a night in a hotel with childless women, promising lucrative payments upon successful conception.

Men were required to register and pay an amount to secure their participation. However, after making payments, scammers vanished without fulfilling any commitments.

Scammers’ Modus Operandi and Manipulation Tactics

The scam proliferated through social media, primarily on Facebook, with alluring videos showcasing seemingly ‘beautiful, married’ women.

These videos prompted men to apply for the fictitious job, promising significant payments for successfully impregnating the women.

Police Involvement and Perpetrator Tactics

Law enforcement officials revealed that the fraudulent scheme was orchestrated by a gang based in Bihar, India, operating for about a year.

Despite affecting numerous individuals across the country, victims have been reluctant to report the scam due to potential shame.

Victim Testimony and Financial Loss

One victim shared his story, detailing how he fell for the ploy after being promised an exorbitant sum for a night with a woman.

Despite his desperate need for money, he lost a substantial amount before realizing he had been swindled.

Socio-Economic Dynamics and Scam Success

Experts noted that the scam’s success was attributed to a lack of social media awareness among many victims, who often had lower education levels compared to the tech-savvy perpetrators.

The Bihar authorities are actively pursuing members of the fraud ring involved in the elaborate scam.

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