How to Register for ChatGPT, Telegram, Whatsapp and Others Without a Phone Number

How to Register for ChatGPT, Telegram, Whatsapp and Others Without a Phone Number

It’s a big thing nowadays. Deciding whether your want (or need) of an app is worth offering up a fairly large slice of your online privacy for. Yet, in the past few years, other methods have come to light which means you can still register for the apps and services you want, all without having to enter any personal information, like your number, at any stage. This brings us nicely onto the subject of this article – how can you register for ChatGPT, Telegram Whatsapp and other apps, all without using your phone number? We go through some of the best options available out there.

Please note: we are not affiliated with, or sponsored by, any of the services we mention in this article. 

The Need to Register With Chat Apps is Still Strong

Despite the many complications that come with it, the need to register and sign up to new chatting apps is still strong. This is because it’s representative of the times we live in, and a lot of us have dropped calls in favor of messaging. No longer does one hear the words “i’ll text you”, instead, we’ve all become used to phrases such as “I’ll WhatsApp you..” etc. So we know that the desire to use these apps and services is still strong, yet people are also getting to the stage where they are refusing to give up their personal details such as their name and number, in order to access these apps. 

A Bit About Receiving SMS Verification Online

Nowadays, it just needs a quick Google to discover the sheer amount of SMS online services there are available. The problem, somewhat unsurprisingly, is that some of them use a lot of persuasive language but not a lot of persuasive results. This is because many of these services charge to use temporary numbers, others offer free trials, and some do indeed offer free use of numbers, but they are old and overused, meaning your message may take a long time to be received, if it’s received at all. 

Yet, the ones that are free and do offer a good service are really great. In our opinion, there are only a couple, but they really do go above and beyond in terms of the service they offer. 

Let’s take a look at these two companies and the services they offer. You may find one suits you better than the other; either way, both are totally free to use to receive your SMS verification for ChatGPT, Telegram, Whatsapp and others. 


AnonymSMS has been around for some time now, and have really cemented their place in the temporary number market. They offer hundreds of different numbers that are basically ready to use whenever you need them. You can choose from numbers from different corners of the globe, and you’ll even have the choice of using whichever area-code you want from the country you have chosen, all for free. 

How to: Register for Chat Apps Using Numbers from AnonymSMS

The AnonymSMS site is pretty easy to navigate. Yet, we still thought we’d offer you a summary of how their service works if you’re looking to register with any chatting app.

  1. AnonymSMS suggests using a secure internet connection to access their website just to be on the safe side. 
  2. Once on their site, you’ll see that their numbers are literally all listed on the homepage. It’s not carnage though, because all numbers are categorized by their country-code, so stop at the country you wish to receive your SMS on. 
  3. You’ll then be able to double-click on a specific number to use – the choice of which is yours entirely. 
  4. Make sure that the number is listed as ‘active’ – as this shows that it is up and running, ready to use. 
  5. Fill out the registration form as usual on the chat app you’re trying to register with. When it asks for your number, simply enter the one you have selected to use on AnonymSMS instead. 
  6. Once submitted, your SMS verification message will then appear on the AnonymSMS website, under the number you have used. 

Upon researching AnonymSMS, it appears that all of their numbers are associated with real sim cards, thus real numbers. Because of this, their service is totally safe to use. 


TemporaryNumber is another reputable online service to receive free SMS messages for free. Operating in a similar way to AnonymSMS, you’re able to choose numbers from the US, the UK, Ireland, Lithuania and Georgia. All of their numbers are totally free to use, and many have reported that their numbers are also super-fast, with SMSs being received in under a minute. 

How to: Register for Chat Apps Using Numbers from TemporaryNumber

While their service is fairly self-explanatory, we still went ahead and listed the steps needed in order to sign up to any new chat app using one of their numbers.

  1. Once on the TemporaryNumber website, you’ll once again need to navigate down the page until you reach the specific country-code you wish to use.
  2. Once you’ve done this, as with AnonymSMS, you can select a number to choose by double-clicking on it (they have a wide variety of different area-codes to choose from). 
  3. At the same time, complete the registration page on that chat app you’re looking to sign up to. Upon reaching the section where you’re asked for your number, enter the one you’ve chosen to use on TemporaryNumber
  4. Your message will then be delivered onto the TemporaryNumber website, under the number you have used. The service is super quick and should be received in under a minute, but refresh the page to access if not. 

So there you have it, two great ways of registering for all of the chat apps that you wish, all without having to enter any personal details whatsoever, or without needing to part with a cent of your money. Don’t forget – using a temporary number to receive your SMS verification for any app will mean that you’re doing all you can in order to maintain your privacy and online security. 

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