Virtual SMS numbers — Popularity and Benefits

Today, with our lives spent mostly on the Internet, it is extremely important to have a smartphone and a SIM card. Sending text messages (SMS) is one of the most common verification methods for most social networks, messengers and apps. However, users do not always want to reveal their personal phone number when using various online services, such as dating sites or online shopping. In this case virtual numbers for SMS verification become an excellent solution.

What is virtual SMS number, and what are its features?

A virtual SMS number is a phone number which is not tied to a physical device but to an online service. So you can use it to send SMS messages without a physical medium such as a SIM card.

Virtual SMS numbers are becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits they offer:

The first and most important advantage of this type of mobile number is privacy protection. With them, users can use online services without fear that their personal phone number will be exposed. In addition, they allow users to use services that require a phone number without receiving annoying spam to their personal number, as is usually the case.

Another important aspect that attracts users to virtual SMS numbers is their flexibility. You can use them easily from various devices without restriction, it can be a tablet, laptop, smartphone or computer. No dependence on mobile network coverage allows you to use them from anywhere in the world where there is access to Internet.

Moreover, there is no need to buy an additional SIM card or sign long-term contracts with telephone operators, which allows you to save not only money but also personal time.

In conclusion, virtual SMS numbers are becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital world. They are particularly useful for people who wish to maintain their privacy when using online services, and for companies who wish to send messages online via messenger or social networking services quickly and easily.

In what situations would you need a virtual number service?

Virtual SMS numbers are commonly used in a variety of situations where we need quick and easy access to verification codes or other SMS notifications. Here are some examples of situations where they can be used:

  • Registration on websites: Many websites require a phone number to verify an account. In such cases, this service can be a handy solution as it allows you to receive verification codes without having to enter your personal phone number.
  • Social applications: SMS numbers are used by users of social media applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal to receive notifications or activate their account.
  • Online gaming: virtual SMS numbers are also popular with online gamers who need to confirm their identity when registering or reactivating their account.
  • Participation in promotions and raffles: Many large companies organise various events with valuable prizes, for which the verification of the mobile number is required. So you can increase your chances of winning by creating 10 virtual profiles

How do I get a virtual phone number now?

This type of virtual number  can be obtained from various online providers. One such provider is SMS-man. This service is quite popular in the field of virtual telephony, it has an excellent reputation and a wide range of services provided.

Instructions on how to use it:

1. First, you have to register your account on

2. Then on top-up page you have to make a deposit of the required amount for the purchase.

3. The next step is to go to the main page to choose the location of the mobile operator and the online service where number confirmation is required.

4. Now just make one click on “Buy” button and virtual number will be automatically added to your personal cabinet.

The phone is now ready to use, and you can start receiving SMS messages.

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