Netflix’s A-List Princess: Meg Bellamy’s Meteoric Rise as Kate Middleton

The much-anticipated sixth and final series of The Crown is set to debut on Netflix, introducing 21-year-old Meg Bellamy in the role of a student Kate Middleton.

Beyond her on-screen talent, Meg is capturing the attention of fashion houses globally, becoming a style icon in her own right.

Fashionable Debut:

Since the announcement of her role as the royal fashion icon, Meg has been making waves at fashion shows and glamorous events, showcasing her style prowess.

From Cartier suits to a deal with Dior, the actress from Wokingham is on the radar of top fashion brands.

Meg’s Unique Style:

While following in the footsteps of the Princess of Wales as a style icon, Meg is carving out her own sleek image. Opting for simplicity with chic black outfits and occasional pops of color, she’s making a mark as a rising fashion star.

Coveted Brand Collaborations:

Meg’s recent signing as the new face of Dior adds to her list of coveted collaborations, including Cartier, Valentino, and Jaguar.

Her lifestyle is becoming fit for a princess, with invitations to exclusive events and a growing reputation as an A-list princess.

Show-Stopping Outfits:

Meg’s appearances at exclusive events this year featured show-stopping outfits. From a dazzling Stella McCartney cocktail dress at The Crown’s sixth series premiere to chic looks at Paris Fashion Week, she’s proving to be a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Monochrome Elegance:

The actress’s preference for simplicity is evident in her chic black outfits, showcased at various events. From tailored suits to full-skirted dresses, Meg maintains a monochrome theme with occasional bursts of color, like the jade green Cartier suit at the Goodwood Festival.

Rapid Rise from Humble Beginnings:

Despite her meteoric rise in the fashion and entertainment industry, Meg Bellamy comes from humble beginnings.

Discovered through a self-taped audition sent to The Crown’s makers, she expressed excitement on Instagram about portraying Kate Middleton, vowing to do justice to the role.


Meg Bellamy’s journey from obscurity to Hollywood’s spotlight, coupled with her growing influence in the fashion world, marks her as a rising star to watch.

As she steps into the iconic role of Kate Middleton in The Crown’s final series, her unique style and rapid ascent are making headlines and solidifying her status as a promising talent.