Caught on Camera: Violent Assault on NYPD Officers Amidst Rising Subway Felony Assaults

A disturbing incident unfolded at the Freeman Street subway station in the Bronx as two men, Kareem McClary, 23, and Izayiah Jessamy, 20, were caught on video assaulting New York City police officers.

This incident adds to the concerning trend of felony assaults plaguing the city’s subway system, raising questions about safety in the Big Apple.

Smoking Leads to Confrontation:

McClary and Jessamy, along with an unidentified third man, were smoking cigarettes on the subway platform, prompting two police officers to intervene. Smoking is prohibited in subway stations, and the officers requested the men to stop and leave.

The situation escalated when the men refused and initiated a physical confrontation, some of which was captured on video.

Violent Encounter Unfolds:

In the video, McClary and Jessamy were seen assaulting one of the officers before additional help arrived. Despite the arrival of multiple officers, the third suspect managed to escape.

The police officers sustained minor injuries and were treated at the scene.

Legal Consequences:

McClary and Jessamy face charges of assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, violation of local law, and trespassing. Authorities released photos of the third suspect, urging the public to provide information through the city’s CrimeStoppers hotline.

Persistent Felony Assaults:

Despite an overall crime decrease of under one percent in New York City this year compared to 2022, felony assaults, particularly against police officers, continue to rise.

The shocking number of incidents, exceeding 24,000, has raised concerns about the safety of law enforcement officials.

Transit Crime Challenges:

Crime within the city’s transit system remains a contentious issue, drawing criticism towards Mayor Eric Adams and progressive district attorneys.

While overall transit offenses are down slightly, concerns persist about the perceived safety of the subway system, with even Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg expressing apprehension for his family’s safety.

Ongoing Safety Concerns:

Despite a 9.9% decrease in major crimes in the subway system in July, the recent assault on NYPD officers underscores the ongoing challenges in ensuring the safety of both law enforcement and commuters.

The incident highlights the need for continued efforts to address crime in the subway and maintain public confidence in the city’s transit system.