Usher’s Sudden Rise Meets Beyoncé’s Meteoric Climb – Battle of the Streaming Titans

Usher’s groundbreaking Super Bowl performance catapulted him to new heights, amassing a surge in streaming numbers and an expanded fan base.

However, the emergence of Beyoncé and her unexpected release of two new singles has shifted the spotlight.

The battle for post-Super Bowl supremacy has intensified, with both artists vying for the top spot in earnings and chart dominance.

Beyoncé’s Ascendance:

Beyoncé’s two latest singles, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” have swiftly climbed the charts, overshadowing Usher’s recent success.

“Texas Hold ‘Em” alone has garnered over 9.2 million Spotify streams, translating to an estimated earning of $46,000, considering Spotify’s payout rate of $0.005 per stream.

Meanwhile, “16 Carriages” boasts over 4 million plays, contributing an additional $20,000 to Beyoncé’s growing post-Super Bowl earnings.

Queen B’s ability to command the charts with such speed and dominance demonstrates her unparalleled influence in the music industry, even in the aftermath of a major event like the Super Bowl.

Usher’s Response:

In response to Beyoncé’s surge, Usher dropped his latest single, “Ruin,” on February 6th, swiftly accumulating 1.4 million YouTube views within five days.

Post-Super Bowl, the song gained an additional 1.2 million views, reaching a total of 2.7 million.

Simultaneously, “Ruin” has amassed over 4.5 million streams on Spotify, translating to an estimated earning of $22,500.

Usher’s strategic move to release “Ruin” post-Super Bowl aimed to capitalize on the momentum gained from his electrifying performance, attempting to secure a competitive stance in the aftermath of the musical spectacle.

Comparing Earnings and Chart Impact:

Analyzing the earnings, Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold ‘Em” has outpaced Usher’s “Ruin” by a substantial $23,500.

Notably, Beyoncé’s singles achieved this feat in less than 48 hours, while Usher’s “Ruin” had a head start with a 12-day release window.

On the Spotify Top 50 Global Charts, “Texas Hold ‘Em” secures the 6th spot, showcasing its global appeal, while Usher’s iconic hit “Yeah! ft. Lil Jon, Ludacris” resurges at number 48.

This head-to-head comparison underscores Beyoncé’s immediate and impactful return, underscoring her ability to dominate charts and earnings within a short timeframe.


As the musical duel unfolds in the wake of the Super Bowl, Beyoncé and Usher find themselves in a dynamic race for post-event supremacy.

The charts, streaming numbers, and earnings serve as battlegrounds, with each artist strategically maneuvering to secure their respective positions in the evolving landscape of the music industry.

The clash of these musical titans post-Super Bowl only adds to the excitement for fans and industry observers alike.

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