How Can You Wash Throw Rugs: A Small Guide

What Are Throw Rugs?

A throw rug is a versatile floor covering that can transform the look of a room. They can tie a room together while also adding a pop of style. Plus, they are easy to incorporate into your home decor. They are versatile enough to serve as door mats, beautiful hallway runners, or even kitchen rugs, depending on where you plan to use them.

Throw rugs come in many different designs and patterns. Some are multi-colored, while others are single-colored or neutral colors. Some are made of various materials, including wool, synthetic, or natural.

The Different Tips To Wash Throw Rugs

Throw rugs can be washed with different tips. They can be washed in the washer. Some tips to wash a rug are: Vacuum beat up dust, and shake it outdoors. You can also use oxygen-based chlorine and pre-treat stubborn stains.

Vacuum Or Beat Up Dust

If you want to extend the life of your throw rug, you can either vacuum it or beat up the dust with a beater bar. If you vacuum it, be sure to start at the top and work your way downward. Remember to always vacuum the pile direction, as this will prevent allergens from settling into the fibers. If you want to keep bugs from making a meal out of it, make sure to vacuum the back of the rug as well. If you use an upright vacuum, make sure you use the beater bar setting on the vacuum to avoid marks on the rug. It is best to use a beater bar vacuum on wool rugs and avoid it on silk or lace rugs.

Shake Rugs Outdoors

If you have outdoor rugs, you should shake them to remove the dirt and dust that have accumulated over time. This will prevent the growth of mildew or mold. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean rugs on a regular basis. Shaking is particularly helpful for rugs that are prone to attracting debris and pets. To ensure your throw rug will stay fresh for a long time, it’s best to choose a waterproof rug pad. This will help prevent the rug from fading over time, even in direct sunlight.

Pre-Treat Tough Stains

When washing a rug, it’s important to pre-treat tough stains to improve the cleaning process. This is especially important for greasy or food stains. You need to identify the specific stain to determine what type of pre-treat you need. Then, apply a heavy-duty liquid detergent or stain remover. It’s important to allow this treatment to sit for at least 15 minutes. When cleaning wool rugs, mix a small amount of detergent and cold water. Then, dip a sponge in the solution and dab the area to rinse. Afterward, you can use clean towels to soak up the excess water. The process of washing rugs are as easy as washing pillows in an effective way. 

Hang Rugs To Dry

One of the best ways to dry a throw rug after washing is to hang it up. The best way to do this is in a warm, sunny location. Use clothespins to hang small rugs on a hanger, and an over-the-line rack system is a great choice for large rugs. Both methods allow the rugs to dry with the air flowing on both sides.

If you cannot hang your rug after washing, use a squeegee or wet/dry vacuum to remove excess water from the fibers. This method will allow the rug to dry evenly and prevent it from losing shape or becoming too wet. Alternatively, you can just lay the rug flat to dry. However, you should remember that direct sunlight can fade colors.


Whether buying one to cover your entire floor or a single area in your home, throw rugs are an excellent way to add character and warmth to your interiors. They are also smaller, so you can easily move them around your home. For example, you can place them by the fireplace in the wintertime and roll them up in the summer. They also provide a great way to hide any stains and marks that may appear. These versatile rugs are a great choice for renters since you don’t have the luxury of changing carpets or rugs on a regular basis.

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