How to throw an entertaining bachelor party

Organizing a bachelor party can be challenging, especially if the person throwing it is not so organized. However, worry not – if you need to organize an entertaining bachelor party and you’re not very organized, you need to start on time, and read some tips and you’ll be ready to go. 

Everybody can manage to throw a successful bachelor party if they are willing to make an effort and learn about the whole bachelor party planning process. So, first of all, you can start with some light preparation that involves reading various blogs on the topic as well as looking for some awesome ideas on Pinterest. When you have finished that, you should make a choice of what is it that you want to include. The choice will depend on the groom’s as well as your personal preferences. There are so many fun options when it comes to throwing an entertaining bachelor party – keep reading to learn more about them.

It’s best to start with some traditions – however, you shouldn’t be afraid of adding a personal touch. You should also delegate the tasks to all the groomsmen – if you divide the tasks among yourselves it will be much easier and quicker. When it comes to specific bachelor party activities, you can opt for something spectacular or classic. The food and the drinks should be exceptional and you should pay attention to details. Moreover, you should work out the guest list, plan the money and have fun.

  1. Respect traditions, but don’t be afraid to add a personal touch

The tradition of sending a man into married life by throwing him a party has been around for centuries. It is the time when the groom’s friends gather and celebrate the end of single life and the beginning of a new, married one. It is true that the format of the party has changed throughout time, but the tradition itself has remained. There are so many ways you can throw a bachelor party. You should lay out some ideas and discuss them with the groom. The main idea is to honor the groom and his wishes. You can organize a sporting weekend, a classic Las vegas weekend, a fishing weekend, extreme sports weekend, or good old visiting bars weekend. 

  1. Delegate tasks

Throwing a bachelor party can be challenging, time-consuming, and overwhelming if it’s done by a single person. So, it would be great if you, as the best man, including the other groomsmen and friends into the organization. Get everyone’s phone numbers and create a chat group on one of the social media channels and start making deals. You can have voting on different things. You can let people choose what they’d like to do. For instance, if someone has a friend who’s a DJ, they’ll most likely choose the task of finding a DJ for the party. Other groomsmen might be into catering, so they would be great for choosing a menu. Another person can find photo booth hire locally. So – delegate.

  1. Do something spectacular 

Besides doing some traditional things at bachelor parties, such as talking, hanging out, listening to music, drinking or gambling, there are also tons of other plausible activities you can go for. Perhaps it would be even great to make this kind of a change. Of course, the choice of activities will highly depend on your group’s age and preferences. Choose something that the groom would appreciate and then the rest of the groomsmen. Nowadays, it’s popular to go bungee jumping or sky diving to get an adrenaline rush. consider these and other similar activities if your group of friends is up for something like that.

  1. Go for great food and drinks

The aspects of food and drinks are what make up every party. Make sure that the choice of food is great, diverse, and suitable. There should be plenty of food – the amount will depend on your activities. If it’s one night, you should think about one or two food serves. However, if it’s the whole weekend, then you should consider all the meals. You can get catering if it’s a private party or you can go to fast food or a restaurant. Moreover, there should be plenty of drinks. You can post a drink list in the group so everybody can vote on what they’d like to drink. In that way, you’ll prevent unnecessary drinks and money waste.

  1. Pay attention to details

It is a well-known fact that women are far more attentive than men. If you compare a bachelorette party with a bachelor’s one, the difference is clear. Women put a lot of focus on different things related to these celebrations. You don’t have to be as attentive as women, but make sure that you do pay attention to some details at least. For instance, you can find some old photos and make a video with funny comments. 

  1. Work on the guest list

You can start working on a guest list from the moment the groom asks you to throw a bachelor party for him. The attendees should all be the groom’s close friends or male cousins’ family friends or coworkers. What’s important is to run the list with the groom, to check whether you included everybody or if you included somebody who the groom doesn’t want at his stag party.

  1. Plan the money

The aspect of money is always crucial. You should discuss your budget with the rest of the groomsmen and guests before you start organizing the party. Obviously, everyone will have to chip in a lot more money for a weekend getaway than for a single-day get-together. That’s why it’s good to give them a few ideas with an approximate cost. Together, you can vote and make a choice that suits everybody.

  1. Have fun

Last but not the least, don’t forget to have fun! It’s sometimes easy to get lost in all the planning and organization. However, try to relax and enjoy the party – you deserve it after all that hard work you put in.

Even if you are not an organized person, start on time and you will succeed in throwing the best bachelor party for your groom.

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