Republicans plan to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress next week for skipping impeachment deposition and ‘violating’ federal law

Republicans Initiate Contempt Proceedings Against Hunter Biden

Republicans are set to initiate formal proceedings to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress, marking a significant development in the ongoing impeachment investigation.

This move follows Hunter’s refusal to comply with a subpoena for a closed-door deposition, raising questions about President Joe Biden’s potential involvement in his son’s questionable business dealings.

Defiance and Legal Action

House Oversight Committee Republicans accused Hunter Biden of blatant defiance, emphasizing his failure to appear for the December deposition.

In response, Republicans announced plans to consider a resolution and accompanying report to officially hold him in contempt of Congress for violating federal law.

The scheduled hearing for this matter is set for Wednesday, January 10 at 10 a.m. ET, accompanied by a markup from the House Judiciary Committee.

Potential Consequences and Impeachment Inquiry

If Hunter is held in contempt by a committee vote, the case would be forwarded to the Department of Justice (DOJ), led by President Biden.

While the likelihood of the DOJ prosecuting the case remains uncertain, potential consequences for Hunter could include up to 12 months of jail time or a fine of up to $100,000 if convicted.

The Republicans’ ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Biden, initiated on December 13, aims to uncover evidence related to the Biden family’s financial dealings with countries such as China, Ukraine, and Romania.

New Developments: ‘Sugar Brother’ and Documentary

Recent revelations include Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, known as Hunter Biden’s ‘sugar brother,’ reportedly working on a documentary to present a different perspective on the controversy.

Morris, who allegedly paid off a substantial portion of Hunter’s tax bill, has become a central figure in the unfolding narrative surrounding the Biden family’s financial affairs.

Hunter’s Public Defense and Accusations

In response to the mounting scrutiny, Hunter Biden delivered a dramatic public statement outside the Capitol, denouncing Republicans as ‘shameless’ and defending his father against corruption allegations.

He acknowledged personal mistakes but vehemently denied any financial involvement by his father in his business dealings.

Republicans, in turn, accused Hunter of obstructing the investigation and emphasized their commitment to obtaining the facts behind closed doors before considering an open hearing.

Challenges and Legal Proceedings

Lawmakers faced uncertainty regarding Hunter’s cooperation with the closed-door deposition, with Republicans asserting their intention to depose him despite his absence.

The GOP investigation, led by Oversight Chairman James Comer, alleges over 20 shell companies set up by Biden family members to funnel over $25 million in foreign cash.

Hunter refuted these accusations, particularly those related to his involvement with Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

Hunter’s Allegations Against Republicans

Hunter accused House Republicans, including Comer, Jordan, and Jason Smith, of distorting facts, manipulating evidence, and engaging in unfair tactics to tarnish his reputation and damage his father’s legacy.

Despite the mounting legal challenges, Hunter’s lawyer insisted on an open deposition, citing concerns about potential manipulation of facts in closed-door sessions.

Republican Perspective on Inquiry

Republicans, even those from moderate and Biden-won districts, authorized the inquiry, emphasizing the importance of due process.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared the inquiry open in October, citing White House ‘stonewalling’ as a reason for the subsequent vote to fully green-light the probe.

Republicans clarified that the inquiry did not obligate them to proceed with impeachment, emphasizing a commitment to following the law and avoiding premature judgments.

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