Heinz’s Cheezy Beanz Hit Shelves – A Love Affair Between Beans and Cheese

Heinz Unveils Limited Edition ‘Cheezy Beanz’ in Collaboration with Cathedral City

In a surprising twist on the classic baked beans, Heinz is set to launch a new flavor named Cheezy Beanz.

The American food giant has joined forces with Cornish cheesemaker Cathedral City to introduce this unique combination to Brits.

The cheesy-infused baked beans are expected to make waves, with a limited drop of 500 cans available online on Valentine’s Day, followed by nationwide availability in supermarkets starting February 21.

Cheezy Beanz Flavor Revelation:

Described as a fusion of cheddar-mixed baked beans with a generous coating of tomato sauce, Cheezy Beanz are priced at £1.80.

The flavor aims to cater to the popular British pairing of beans and cheese.

Alessandra de Dreuille, Director of Meals and Insights at Heinz, expressed excitement about the partnership with Cathedral City, calling it the ultimate perfect match.

The limited edition release on Valentine’s Day adds an element of exclusivity.

Valentine’s Day Launch and Love for Cheezy Beanz:

With only 500 cans available for purchase on Valentine’s Day, Heinz aims to make this cheesy delight a unique and sought-after treat.

Alessandra de Dreuille emphasizes the timing of the launch, suggesting that the cheesy duo is the ideal addition to Valentine’s Day celebrations, whether shared with friends, partners, family, or even pets.

Heinz’s Previous Flavor Innovations:

This introduction of Cheezy Beanz follows Heinz’s trend of introducing unique flavored beans.

In the past, the company combined two British classics – curry and beans – during National Curry Week.

The unconventional flavor lineup included Chicken Tikka Masala, showcasing Heinz’s willingness to experiment with bold and unexpected combinations.


Heinz continues to surprise and delight consumers with its latest creation, Cheezy Beanz.

The collaboration with Cathedral City, the limited edition Valentine’s Day launch, and the cheesy twist on a beloved classic all contribute to the excitement surrounding this new flavor.

As Heinz expands its repertoire of innovative products, Cheezy Beanz is poised to make a memorable mark in the world of baked beans.