Heinz Publishes Guide for the Perfect Beans on Toast

Heinz Publishes Guide for the Perfect Beans on Toast

The Quintessential British Meal

Heinz, the iconic brand known for its baked beans, has released a detailed guide for preparing the perfect beans on toast, a classic British meal.

This revelation has come as a surprise to many fans of the dish, who thought they had mastered the art of making beans on toast.

A Staple in the British Diet

Baked beans in tomato sauce served on toast have long been a staple in the British diet. This quick and easy meal is enjoyed by people of all ages and can be consumed at any time of the day.

In fact, nearly half of Brits, around 43 percent, indulge in baked beans at least once a week.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

However, Heinz has discovered that many people make errors in how they store, cook, and serve their beloved beans.

To address this, the brand enlisted etiquette expert William Hanson to provide guidance on how to eat beans on toast in a quintessentially British manner.

The Proper Process

According to Heinz’s guidelines, here’s how to prepare the perfect beans on toast:

  • Store the Heinz can upside down at around 18°C and shake it for five seconds before opening to ensure an even distribution of beans to sauce.
  • Warm the beans on the hob in a stainless steel pan for three to four minutes while stirring constantly. Never boil the beans, as it can affect the sauce’s color and flavor.
  • Toast two slices of white farmhouse loaf bread, spread unsalted butter evenly up to the crust, and place them on a plate.
  • Pour the heated beans over the toast, ensuring that you don’t ‘drown’ your toast with beans. The beans should be heated to 64°C for the ideal instant eating temperature.

The Controversy: Butter Choice

One aspect of the guide that has stirred controversy among fans is the choice of butter. Heinz recommends using unsalted butter, which led to divided opinions.

Some prefer salted butter for extra flavor, while others argue that unsalted butter is the proper choice.

Optional Cheese Topping

The guide concludes with an optional step: grating cheese on the hot beans and allowing it to melt for two minutes. This addition is welcomed by some but remains a matter of personal preference.

Etiquette and Tradition

In emphasizing the importance of following the official recipe, Mr. Hanson notes that beans on toast should be enjoyed in a quintessentially British manner.

He emphasizes that consulting Heinz, the expert voice on baked beans, ensures that this simple yet heritage dish is savored as intended.

Beans on Toast: A British Classic

Despite its reputation as an affordable meal, Heinz Baked Beans have a rich history. They were first sold at Fortnum and Mason, known as the late Queen’s grocer, in the late 19th century.

To celebrate their 150th anniversary in 2019, Heinz even opened a pop-up Beans Museum with an immersive exhibit, highlighting the enduring popularity of this British classic.

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