Health Companies That Can Help You Monitor Your Health From Home

Health Companies That Can Help You Monitor Your Health From Home

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has become a common concept in the modern world. RPM is the process of monitoring the health of patients outside a traditional healthcare setting. This technology allows health practitioners and hospitals to monitor and attend to patients without physically visiting a hospital. This can be performed through mobile phones or other digital technologies.

The technology works by capturing medical data and transmitting it to healthcare providers. This allows them to make assessments, diagnoses, and recommendations. There are different types of RPM devices designed to monitor various health conditions like heart rate, blood pressure blood oxygen, weight, and other important signs.

PelMedic Vital Signs App (PelMedic VS App)

PelMedic VS App is the one of a kind app that lets users get accurate and estimated measurement of their blood pressure with pulse chart (cardiogram); breath count; step count; speed (when in motion); and noise in the surrounding.

It is available for free download in the Apple and Android stores. Link to download it will be added when it becomes available.


Acccuhealth is one of many remote patient monitoring companies in the world. Patients and doctors can easily connect through the RPM platform for appropriate diagnosis. It is a great tool for the general public, developers, healthcare providers, and device vendors. The main objective of Accuhealth is to reduce the cost of healthcare, generate better outcomes and improve the provider and patient experience.

The RPM software platform provides access to patient data and permits re-time view. Accuhealth is built on a platform that connects with over 50 top practice-based EHRs. The company offers 24/7 clinical monitoring throughout the year. Other features include unlimited telemedicine, audit support compliance, and billing support among others.


GYANT is a chat-based product that uses AI to gather information and analyze the medical history of patients. The objective of this technology is to help patients navigate the increasingly complex health system. With this application, you can receive a disposition, self-care advice or referral to an appropriate medical facility.

For healthcare providers, GYANT uses AI to generate the patient chart that brings more efficiency to service delivery. The company has a proactive telehealth approach that makes it easy for patients to book appointments with doctors and get help within the shortest time possible.


Philips is also one of the best companies that help monitor your health from home. This software gives healthcare professionals appropriate tools to track a patient’s health condition at home, collaborate with them and help identify problems by discussing with doctors before deciding to admit.

As a patient, you will particular protocols and interventions such as watching educational videos, measuring vital signs, participating in video calls with a virtual care team, and completing surveys. The RPM system also helps minimize cost, improves access to healthcare services and assists patients acquire health stability.


This company lets you monitor patient health parameters through accurate-centric patient data. It has a dashboard that provides you with all information you need concerning the health of a patient by constantly monitoring their conditions. You can see the metrics in a single view and get all the relevant details. The software also allows medical practitioners to easily manage patients by sharing vital information with other teams.

Chronisense Medical

Chronisense Medical makes wearable medical-grade gadgets used to monitor vital signs and other health factors. This makes it easy for healthcare providers and patients to manage chronic diseases without necessarily interfering with their daily routine.

The devices have sophisticated sensors that measure medical data from blood pressure to blood oxygen and transmit the data to caregivers in real-time. One of the notable features included a radial artery sensor that offers accurate signs data. Doctors can only give a proper diagnosis if devices provide accurate information about your medical condition.


ResMed is a major player in the world of remote patient monitoring. The company has cellular connectivity to each CPAP device with more than 15 million cloud devices. The platform can collect patient data from across devices. This helps in improving outcomes and minimizing the cost of healthcare for patients.

Additionally, ResMed provides other services such as respiratory care, sleep therapy, SaaS and much more. It can also the interoperability issues between systems, making them more compatible with other applications.


In a nutshell, technology has greatly transformed the healthcare sector. There are many companies that specialize in remote patient monitoring. All you need is to identify a company that best suits your health needs.

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