The need for Custom in-ear monitor

The need for Custom in-ear monitor

Have you ever been on stage? If you have, you would know for sure how it sounds up there. You can be a singer, drummer, guitarist, or any other musician. If you always think that you could have heard your voice or instrument better on stage then you are wrong. Bad monitoring mostly gets the drummer’s timing and vocal pitch wrong. It is hard to be on the right pitch without using custom ear monitors.

However, in recent years, small monitoring equipment has been developed which musicians are using on stage. The custom in-ear monitor has become quite famous as people can use it to concentrate on their live performances.

What are the advantages of using the custom in-ear monitor?

It helps the musicians on stage in multiple ways. Here are they are:

The sound:

In simple words, the three ways sealed-in ear monitor sounds absolutely amazing. You will find a balance in the tune. Also, the articulations are completely clear. If you have used some generic earbuds, you must know that most of the time they sound very harsh, and you cannot even listen to your own voice. In fact, the pain we get from wearing any earphones, headphones, or earbuds can be prevented by using custom in-ear monitors.

Fits perfectly:

Usually, the custom-in-ear monitors fit perfectly, as you can customize such custom-in-ear monitors according to your needs. Custom-made in-ear monitors are manufactured in a tricky way that the curve in your ear can hold up the in-ears quite steadily. When in making, the ear is taken very seriously. The ear canal holds the in-ear monitors perfectly.

Light ears:

These are so light on the ear that you can use them anytime. In fact, the functionalities make it useful as both your standard headphone and the playback headphone. You can use them during the mixing as well. Also, you can use them instead of the iPods as well all the time. The funny part is, when you chose them in a skin-toned colour, people may think that you are wearing a hearing aid at a young age.

Apart from skin colour, you can choose any colour of your preference. You can find such monitors in different colours and you can choose the best one according to your preferences.  

More floor space:

This is a messy situation for sure when all the long cables of monitors are scattered and cluttered on stage. In fact, these take up so much space that you cannot even move properly while performing.  In this case, you can use a custom in ear monitor to remove the clutter on the stage. So, you will get more floor space to perform comfortably.

So, who would not love to perform on a clean stage and deliver a great course of music?

Noise cancellation:

When there is noise cancellation, the performance automatically gets better. You can reduce noise by using custom in ear monitor. Therefore, you can perform with a high level of focus which makes the show perfect.


As a musician, you should always keep in mind that when the sound on stage is lower, it increases the chances of a good show. So, why would you compromise on the quality of your music? A small piece can change everything.

You can search for such custom in ear monitors online to choose the best one. Make sure, you must check their noise reduction level, reviews and prices before you choose. They are designed for live concerts and musicians can use such ear monitors to concentrate on their own performances.

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