3 Reasons You Need A Laptop Monitor Extender Right Now!

3 Reasons You Need A Laptop Monitor Extender Right Now!

Laptop monitor extenders are the trend for some, while for others, it’s a relatively new subject that has yet to be explored. If you belong to the latter, then you are at the right place; because there are three critical reasons you need a Trio laptop monitor extender from Mobile Pixels right now. 

While it would be fun to go into the benefits straightaway, this article will delve into some related aspects like the definition of a Laptop Monitor Extender, some types you might need to know about, how to use one, and then why. So grab your seat belts and dive into the wonders of a Laptop Monitor Extender.

What is a Laptop Monitor Extender?

Also referred to as a laptop screen extender, it is a mechanism that allows you to double or even triple the size of your laptop screen by adding more monitors. While many are detachable, it will let you become flexible with how much screen space you need. 

But then, some might ask. Why do you need more screen space? 

A wider screen equals better productivity if you are a gamer, graphic designer, website developer, data analyst, bookkeeper, video editor, or even someone who loves to watch movies. 

Types of Laptop Monitor Extenders

There are a few types of laptop screen extenders that you might want to know about. Pay attention to each of them because they have varying specialities. 

Portable Laptop Screen Extender

This type is easy to use and easy to carry around. It is lightweight, therefore crossing out a significant con of laptop monitor extenders: weight. As it is portable, it is also mobile, self-powered, and has an in-built stand that allows it to be almost independent. All you need is a cable for connection, and you are good to go. 

Clip-On Extender

Also lightweight and detachable, this type requires you only to clip it on like a backpack. Though you’ll also need a USB-C connection to get things going, it is only with a clip-on extender like the Mobile Pixel Trio that can get you an estate with two or even three more screens. 

Laptop Docks

These are not very portable, so they are not the most common. But the docking station is a good idea if you wish to extend your laptop screen to multiple other monitors for a complete experience.

How to use a Laptop Monitor Extender

You only need to follow seven steps to use a laptop screen extender. The following are the things you need to do if you wish to set up your monitor extender.

  1. Get your Mobile Pixel Trio clip-on laptop monitor extender. 
  2. Set up your laptop as you usually would, with the monitor opened up and ready for attachment.
  3. Place the magnetic adhesive on the back of your computer.
  4. Unpack the Mobile Pixel Trio and attach the other screens with the sliding clips
  5. Place the metal plates that act as the backpack in between these monitors.
  6. Place the screens at the back of your laptop carefully. 
  7. Adjust to your preference.

If you are worried about the screens falling off, don’t be. The magnetic adhesive at the back of your laptop is powerful enough to hold the screens in place for an organized and productive experience. 

Benefits of a Laptop Monitor Extender

Finally, you have reached the three reasons you need a laptop extender. Without wasting any more time, here they are;

Multi-Tasking Has Never Being Easier

Who else hates having to switch between multiple tabs when researching? What about having to go back and forth when working on a project? Say no more to clutter and disorganization of extended monitors because you’ll be able to have all your work visible on separate screens without needing another laptop(s).

Your Eyes Will Thank You For It

If you don’t already know, straining is terrible for your eyes. It is even worse when it is in front of a computer. When you use a single screen, there is a bigger chance that you have to fit it all in that 14 to 17 inches of space. However, if you have an extended laptop screen estate like the one from Trio Mobile Pixel, you can say goodbye to eye strain and hello to a better view. 

Errors Become A Stranger

The final and most important benefit is how much more accurate you’d become. Some jobs need you to compare and contrast two or more data sources for the final result. One of these instances is for bookkeeping or any other financial recording. You could eliminate errors when you can see these needed data side-by-side. Only a laptop screen extender can do that without buying another laptop.


You surely need a laptop monitor extender if you multitask frequently, need to protect your eye from strain or work with sensitive data that need absolute accuracy. Other benefits include having more angle space, a more comprehensive screen, and cost efficiency, not to mention that it is lighter than carrying two or more laptops around. So if you are ready to get on board.

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