Warri Pikin Reflects on Life’s Challenges: A Grateful Journey Through 2023


Anita Asuoha, popularly known as Warri Pikin, a prominent female Nigerian comedian, recently took to Instagram to share a heartfelt reflection on the significant challenges she faced in 2023.

In a video that captures the before and after moments of a life-altering operation, Warri Pikin expressed gratitude for the strength that saw her through the trying times.

A Glimpse into Warri Pikin’s Journey:

In the poignant Instagram post, Warri Pikin acknowledged the life-threatening hardships she encountered during the course of the year.

The once-vibrant actress, now a testament to resilience, used the platform to share the transformative experience she underwent and express her deep appreciation for the unwavering presence of God in both joyous and challenging moments.

Thankful for Divine Intervention:

Warri Pikin extended her gratitude to God for being a constant source of support. She marveled at the divine intervention that guided her through troubles and blissful days alike.

In a reflective tone, she questioned her own significance in the grand scheme of things, emphasizing the mindfulness of God in her life’s journey.

Encouraging Fans to Share:

In addition to sharing her personal journey, Warri Pikin encouraged her fans to join the conversation in the comment section.

She prompted them to reflect on their own experiences and express gratitude for the blessings in their lives. The comedian highlighted the power of gratitude, emphasizing that acknowledging the ability to think is the first step toward expressing thanks.

Quoting Warri Pikin:

In her Instagram post, Warri Pikin stated, “I REMEMBER!!! How God came through for me this year. He Never left me, in my troubles he was there.

In my blissful Days he was there….God who am I that you are mindful of? Area! How has it been for you and what are you grateful for??? Enter comment section mey you pour your mind…Because if you can think you can thank…”


Warri Pikin’s open and vulnerable sharing on Instagram provides a glimpse into the resilience and faith that have marked her journey in 2023.

Her story serves as an inspiration, reminding others to reflect on their own experiences and find gratitude even in the face of life’s challenges.

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