Surprise Affection: Warri Pikin’s Husband Breaks PDA Rule on Vacation

Surprise Affection: Warri Pikin’s Husband Breaks PDA Rule on Vacation

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Warri Pikin’s Husband Surprises Her with Public Display of Affection


Nigerian comedian Anita Asuoha, popularly known as Warri Pikin, expressed her gratitude for the positive change in her husband.

Celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows, the couple is currently enjoying a vacation in Zanzibar.

Warri Pikin shared that her husband, who is not a fan of public displays of affection (PDA), had always turned down her requests for public affection.


Accepting his “no PDA” rule, she had given up on pestering him.

However, during their vacation, her husband surprised her by kissing her on the beach, disregarding her reminders about being in public.

Warri Pikin’s heartfelt gratitude for her husband’s change of behavior reflects the importance of small acts that can strengthen relationships and bring joy to couples.

It shows the significance of understanding and accepting each other’s boundaries, as well as the power of surprises in keeping love alive.

Warri Pikin’s Bridal Shower and its Impact


Prior to their wedding, Warri Pikin’s bridal shower caused some tension between her and her husband.

She organized a lavish bridal shower, which her husband did not appreciate.

Warri Pikin shared a video on Instagram, showcasing the moment she arrived at the bridal shower with her friends.

However, the presence of a male exotic dancer brought about an argument between her and her husband, causing some drama at home.

The incident surrounding Warri Pikin’s bridal shower highlights the complexities that can arise when planning wedding-related events.


Conflicting preferences and expectations can sometimes create friction between couples, emphasizing the importance of open communication and compromise during such occasions.

Warri Pikin’s Grand Wedding and Energetic Dance

Warri Pikin’s dream wedding took place in Lagos on June 10th, with the comedian sharing videos of the lavish and star-studded event.

The highlight of the wedding was Warri Pikin’s energetic dance performance, which captivated and impressed many attendees, earning her praise and admiration.

Warri Pikin’s wedding celebration symbolizes the joyous culmination of her marital journey.


The positive response to her dance performance reflects the love and support she received from her friends and well-wishers during this special occasion.


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