Real Warri Pikin Urges Contemporary Parents to Break the Cycle of Traumatic Childhood Experiences

Real Warri Pikin Urges Contemporary Parents to Break the Cycle of Traumatic Childhood Experiences

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Popular comedienne, Anita Asuoha, widely known as Real Warri Pikin, has expressed her belief that many adults from her generation had traumatic childhood experiences.


In a viral video titled “Pls let’s wake up as parents,” she urged contemporary parents not to raise their children the same way their own generation was raised.

Real Warri Pikin emphasized that if modern parents were to adopt the parenting styles prevalent during her upbringing, they would undoubtedly regret it.

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She highlighted the need to break the cycle and create a different approach to raising children.

According to the comedian, a significant number of individuals from her generation still carry emotional scars from their childhood.

She argued that unconsciously or consciously, they are reproducing the same patterns of parenting they experienced.

Real Warri Pikin stated that there is a lack of psychological safety in the living environment for children, preventing them from freely expressing themselves or seeking guidance.

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She emphasized that a lot of undisclosed issues may surface in the future, leaving parents to regret their actions.

Real Warri Pikin criticized the prevalent belief in using only physical discipline and tough love as the primary parenting methods.

She stressed the importance of being a safe space for children, emotionally available, and providing a nurturing environment.

She urged parents to recognize that children are going through a lot and encouraged them to wake up and break the cycle of harsh parenting.

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In conclusion, Real Warri Pikin voiced her concerns about the negative impact of traumatic childhood experiences on her generation.

She called for a shift in parenting styles, urging contemporary parents to create an emotionally supportive environment for their children rather than relying solely on discipline and tough love.


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