Hair Relaxer Lawsuit In Georgia: Who Qualifies For It?

We find thousands of beauty products on the market these days. Many people try these products without doing proper research, and end up experiencing various side-effects. In short, some of the products that you find on the market can be extremely dangerous for your health, as they contain harmful chemicals.

Using such products not only causes hair and skin problems, but can also cause deadly diseases like cancer. One good example for this is hair relaxers. Many women who used the hair relaxers are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. If you are diagnosed with cancer or any other health problems after using any hair product, you can file a hair product cancer lawsuit by approaching a reputed law firm like Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys. 

To win in your case, you must be able to prove that some of the chemicals used in the hair relaxers have caused a health problem. To file a hair relaxer lawsuit in Georgia, the time limit would range from 1 to 6 years from your injury date. The time limit for filing a hair relaxer lawsuit usually varies from state to state. To know about it, you must contact a hair relaxer attorney in your location. 

Collecting Evidences

To file a lawsuit against a product manufacturer, you must collect the required evidence. Your medical reports and medical bills can be used for building a strong claim. Your medical reports must show that you are diagnosed with cancer or any other health problem and your treatment related information. 

It would be great if you can submit the receipts, which proves that you purchased that defective product. Even the container of the product used acts like strong evidence. When you meet your attorney, share all the crucial information with him or her. After studying your case, your attorney will let you know how much compensation you will be eligible for approximately. 

Before you hire any attorney, make sure that you look at his or her success rate. Your attorney must guide you at every step. In fact, he or she must save you from making mistakes, which can affect the output of your case. Ask all your questions without any hesitation during your first appointment. Doing this can actually help you stay with peace of mind. 

Your attorney will collect all the required documents from you and completes the paperwork related to your case. This means, there would be no scope for mistakes in your paperwork. 

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