Chairman of Mgbuka Amazu Market Abducted in Onitsha: Possible Link to Sit-at-Home Order

Chairman of Mgbuka Amazu Market Abducted in Onitsha: Possible Link to Sit-at-Home Order

In a distressing incident, unidentified gunmen are reported to have abducted Chief Enibe Francis, the Chairman of Mgbuka Amazu Market in Onitsha, Anambra State.

The circumstances surrounding this abduction are believed to be connected to the recent sit-at-home order.

Abduction During Early Hours

The victim was taken captive during the early hours of Monday, September 25.

This abduction occurred shortly after Chief Enibe Francis had followed Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s directive to open the market.

Violent Encounter

It is reported that the gunmen subjected Francis to a severe beating, leaving him in a state of unconsciousness.

Subsequently, they forcibly placed him into a waiting vehicle and swiftly departed for an undisclosed location.

Governor’s Directive to Open Markets

Governor Chukwuma Soludo had issued instructions weeks ago, directing market leaders in the state to open their markets on Mondays.

This directive was accompanied by the requirement to observe prayer sessions and engage in cleaning activities within the markets and their adjacent drainages.

Confirmation by ASMATA President

Chief Humphrey Anuna, the President of Anambra State Markets Amalgamated Traders Association (ASMATA), has confirmed this distressing incident.

He mentioned that he had been briefed about the situation and emphasized that efforts are underway to establish contact with the abducted Chairman.

Violent Kidnapping

The abduction unfolded as approximately five heavily armed individuals reportedly stormed Chief Enibe Francis’s shop.

In the process, they fired shots indiscriminately into the air, brutally assaulted him, and forcibly loaded him into the trunk of their SUV before making their escape.