Amusing Mom Shares Gen Z Son’s Trivia Mishaps: A TikTok Comedy

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Hilarious Mom Shares Gen Z Son’s Trivia Failures: Mixed Reactions Emerge


TikTok Video Captures Funny Moment of Basic Knowledge Quiz

In this amusing TikTok video, a mother, known as Mommabrit07 on the platform, decided to test her Gen Z son’s general knowledge with a series of trivia questions.

The video quickly gained popularity, attracting both laughter and concern from viewers. Let’s delve into the humorous yet thought-provoking quiz session.


The Trivia Quiz Begins

At the beginning of the video, the mother asks her son how many states make up the United States.

Much to her amusement, he confidently responds with “Forty-eight,” unaware that the correct answer is 50.

Capital City Confusion

The next question is about the capital city of the United States.


In a somewhat perplexed tone, the son simply replies, “Isn’t it the United States?” The mother playfully praises his response, leaving him under the impression that he answered correctly.

Confusion Continues

Moving on, the mother asks her son about the century they are currently in.

The son confidently states, “The 20th.”

However, the correct answer is the 21st century, leading to a small setback in his quiz performance.


A Correct Answer and a Giggle

The mother proceeds to ask the son how many make up a dozen, to which he correctly answers twelve, earning a point in the quiz.

Then comes the question: “What is the third month of the year?” After a moment of contemplation, the son giggles and guesses November.

Surprisingly, the mother humorously accepts his guess as correct, although the actual answer is March.

Laughs and Reactions


Throughout the video, the mother and son share lighthearted banter.

The son admits that he guessed his way through some of the answers, adding a playful tone to the quiz.

In the background, the father struggles to contain his laughter, providing comedic relief.

Mixed Reactions

Since its upload, the video has garnered over five million views and sparked a range of reactions in the comment section.


Some viewers found the whole interaction hilarious, while others expressed concern or made observations about education and generational differences.

The comments reflect a mixture of amusement, empathy, and varying perspectives on the situation.

The Importance of Basic Knowledge

While this video serves as entertainment, it also prompts reflection on the importance of basic knowledge and education.

It highlights the gaps or misconceptions that can occur, regardless of generational differences.


Ultimately, it encourages a lighthearted appreciation for learning and the humorous moments that arise along the way.

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