Governor Uba Sani Celebrates Legal Victory: Kaduna State Election Upheld by Appeal Court

Governor Uba Sani Celebrates Legal Victory: Kaduna State Election Upheld by Appeal Court

In a significant development, the governor of Kaduna State, Uba Sani, has expressed satisfaction with the recent decision of the Court of Appeal to uphold the Kaduna State Election Petitions Tribunal’s ruling.

The tribunal had previously confirmed Governor Sani’s victory in the 2023 gubernatorial election and dismissed the petition against him.

Democracy Prevails: Kaduna Governor Uba Sani Applauds Court of Appeal’s Verdict

Governor Sani hailed the decision as a “testament to the strength of our legal institutions, a win for democracy, and a validation of the people’s will,” according to a statement from his chief press secretary, Muhammad Lawal Shehu.

Court of Appeal Validates Governor Uba Sani’s Victory in Kaduna State Election

The Court of Appeal’s decision in Abuja on Friday not only brought joy to Governor Sani but also affirmed the legitimacy of his election victory.

The governor expressed happiness and gratitude, emphasizing the significance of the verdict in validating the mandate given by the people.

Uba Sani Thanks Legal Institutions for Upholding Election Victory in Kaduna

Acknowledging the diligence and thoroughness of both the Kaduna State Elections Petition Tribunal and the Court of Appeal, Governor Sani expressed confidence in the judicial process.

He highlighted the need to move forward peacefully and focus on the substantial tasks ahead for the benefit of the people of Kaduna.

Strengthening Democracy: Governor Uba Sani Acknowledges Appeal Court’s Ruling

Governor Sani, in response to the court’s decision, stated, “I have always remained confident in our judicial process.

It is now time to peacefully move forward and continue to work assiduously for the people of Kaduna without distractions as the task ahead of us is huge.”

Kaduna State Election Verdict: Governor Uba Sani Emphasizes Judicial Confidence

Expressing gratitude to the All Progressives Congress family and the people of Kaduna for their unwavering support throughout the legal process, Governor Sani reaffirmed his commitment to the #SUSTAINKaduna Agenda.

Moving Forward: Governor Uba Sani Praises Appeal Court, Calls for Unity in Kaduna

Governor Sani’s message included an outreach to all opposition parties, aiming to foster unity and collaboration for the progress of Kaduna State. He highlighted the importance of collective efforts in moving the state forward.

Validation of People’s Will: Governor Uba Sani Grateful for Legal Victory

The governor, along with Deputy Governor Dr Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, expressed appreciation for the support received and assured the people of Kaduna of their dedication to serving with diligence and openness.

Appeal Court Upholds Kaduna Governor Uba Sani’s Election Win: A Triumph for Democracy

In the aftermath of this legal triumph, Governor Uba Sani promised to continue encouraging dialogue with stakeholders, maintaining an open-door policy, and focusing on the developmental agenda outlined in the #SUSTAINKaduna initiative.

The victory stands as a testament to the resilience of democratic processes and the strength of legal institutions in Kaduna State.

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