Supreme Court Confirms Uba Sani as Legitimate Winner of Kaduna State Governorship Election

Supreme Court Confirms Uba Sani as Legitimate Winner of Kaduna State Governorship Election

Supreme Court Verdict: Uba Sani Confirmed Winner of Kaduna Governorship Election

In a decisive ruling, the Supreme Court has officially declared Uba Sani as the legitimate winner of the Kaduna State governorship election held on March 18.

This legal endorsement follows the court’s affirmation of an earlier decision by the court of appeal in Abuja on November 24, 2023, which had also declared Uba Sani as the duly elected governor of Kaduna State.

PDP’s Challenge and Allegations of Election Irregularities

The legal battle unfolded as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its governorship candidate, Mohammed Ashiru Isa, contested the outcome of the governorship election.

Their challenge rested on claims that Uba Sani was not duly elected by a majority of valid votes and that the election itself was marred by corrupt practices and non-compliance with the Electoral Act of 2022.

Supreme Court’s Pronouncement: Lack of Merit and Upholding Previous Judgments

Justice Tijani Abubakar, while delivering the lead judgment, emphatically stated that the appellant, PDP and Mohammed Ashiru Isa, presented no compelling arguments or evidence to warrant the court’s intervention.

Describing the appeal as vexatious, frivolous, and lacking in merit, Justice Abubakar upheld the judgments of the lower courts, thereby affirming Uba Sani’s election as the governor of Kaduna State.

Legal Triumph and Resolution of Kaduna Governorship Battle

The Supreme Court’s ruling serves as a landmark moment in the legal battle over the Kaduna governorship.

With this definitive verdict, Uba Sani’s victory is now conclusively recognized, bringing an end to the protracted legal contestation.

The court’s decision clears the path for Uba Sani to continue his tenure as the legitimate governor of Kaduna State.

Judicial Seal and Validation of Uba Sani’s Legitimacy

The Supreme Court’s endorsement solidifies Uba Sani’s position as the rightfully elected governor, providing a judicial seal to the electoral process and dismissing the allegations raised by the PDP.

This legal validation serves as a definitive resolution to the Kaduna governorship dispute, upholding the integrity of the democratic process in the state.