Generosity Unleashed: Iya Gbonkan’s Car and House Project Surpasses N5 Million

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Actress Iya Gbonkan Receives Over N5 Million for Car and House Project


Popular Yoruba actress, Margaret Olayinka, widely known as Iya Gbonkan, recently received a significant sum of money exceeding N5 million for her car and house project.

This news was reported by Naija News, highlighting the actress’s plea to her followers to celebrate her with a new car while she is still alive, rather than waiting until after her passing.

Expressing Gratitude and Prayers: In a viral video, Iya Gbonkan was captured expressing her gratitude and offering prayers for those who supported her after she shared her plea online.

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Speaking in Yoruba, the actress thanked her supporters and acknowledged their indispensable role in her life.

She fervently prayed for their well-being, prosperity, and freedom from pain and affliction.

Generous Contributions:


According to an Instagram user who shared the video, Iya Gbonkan has received an impressive sum of over N5 million from her fans and a Nigerian clergy member who viewed the video.

The post mentioned that Pastor Gabriel, deeply moved by the actress’s appeal, promptly reached out to her and even paid her a visit in Osogbo.

Taking immediate action, he rallied kind-hearted individuals worldwide to contribute funds towards fulfilling Mama’s dream.

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A Dream Come True:

As of this morning, the donations for Iya Gbonkan’s car and housing project have exceeded 5 million Naira.

The generosity of the contributors has brought her closer to realizing her aspirations.

Additionally, fellow actresses Abeni Agbon and Tamotiye, who reside nearby, visited Iya Gbonkan and were each presented with a donation of 500,000 Naira.

The post concludes by expressing gratitude and blessings to all who made donations, emphasizing the positive impact they have had on Iya Gbonkan’s life.



Iya Gbonkan’s story showcases the power of community and the kindness of strangers.

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Her appeal resonated with people around the world, prompting them to unite and support her cause.

The significant amount of money raised reflects the impact she has had on her fans and the admiration they hold for her work.

This heartwarming example demonstrates the potential of social media and online platforms in rallying support for those in need, allowing dreams to become reality.

Iya Gbonkan’s gratitude and prayers serve as a reminder of the profound impact acts of generosity can have on an individual’s life.


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