I’m A Celebrity South Africa Series Shakes Things Up, Reunion Show Axed

I’m A Celebrity South Africa Series Shakes Things Up, Reunion Show Axed

…By Babatunde Lucas for TDPel Media.

All-Star Series and Contestants

Fans of I’m A Celebrity have been enjoying the additional South Africa series, which features former campmates returning to the show for another chance.


The all-star programme has gained popularity among viewers, featuring well-known celebrities such as Myleene Klass, Carol Vordeman, Paul Burrell, and Jordan Banjo competing in survival trials.

The ultimate goal is to make it to the end and be crowned the first-ever I’m A Celebrity Legend.

Differences and Changes in the South Africa Series

The South Africa spin-off of I’m A Celebrity has marked a departure from the usual format.

Unlike the traditional November airing, it started in April, and instead of the Australian jungle, it takes place in a new location.

Furthermore, the series was pre-recorded in September, meaning it is not a live show, and the public cannot vote for their favorite celebrities.

Analysis and Commentary:

The South Africa series of I’m A Celebrity offers a fresh twist for fans who are accustomed to the regular format of the show.


Bringing back beloved campmates from previous seasons adds an element of nostalgia and anticipation, as viewers get to see familiar faces taking on new challenges.

The concept of crowning the first-ever I’m A Celebrity Legend adds an extra layer of competition and excitement to the series.

The change in timing and location for the South Africa spin-off introduces novelty and keeps the audience engaged.

Shifting the series to April, instead of its traditional November slot, breaks away from the association of the show with the holiday season.

The new setting provides a different backdrop for the celebrities’ trials and creates a unique visual experience for viewers.

The decision to pre-record the South Africa series has implications for viewer participation.

Without the element of live episodes, the public cannot vote for their favorite celebrities, altering the interactive aspect that fans are accustomed to.

However, the pre-recording allows for tighter production schedules and potentially more polished episodes.


The revelation that the reunion show, known as the Coming Out show, has been axed in favor of a new program, I’m A Celebrity South Africa Unseen, marks another departure from the established format.

While fans typically look forward to the reunion, where cast members reminisce about their experiences and highlight memorable moments, the new episode aims to provide unaired clips from the all-star series, offering viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse and serving as a wrap-up for the show.

The adjustments made to the I’m A Celebrity South Africa series demonstrate the show’s flexibility and ability to experiment with different formats.

While these changes may disappoint some fans who enjoy the familiar elements, they also introduce fresh elements and keep the series engaging and exciting.

It will be interesting to see how viewers respond to these innovations and whether they become a permanent part of future seasons.

In conclusion, the South Africa series of I’m A Celebrity offers a unique twist on the familiar show, with former campmates returning for another chance at victory.

The change in timing and location, along with the pre-recorded format, adds novelty and alters the dynamics of viewer participation.

The axing of the traditional reunion show in favor of unaired clips demonstrates the show’s willingness to experiment and provide a fresh wrap-up experience.


These changes inject new energy into the show, attracting viewers and keeping them entertained.

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