Yoruba Actress Iya Gbonkan Granted Long-Awaited Car After Emotional Plea

Yoruba Actress Iya Gbonkan Granted Long-Awaited Car After Emotional Plea

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Popular Yoruba actress, Margaret Olayinka, also known as Iya Gbonkan, has been gifted a brand new car just days after making a heartfelt plea for one.


The 64-year-old actress, known for her appearances in Yoruba movies, expressed her longing for a car despite her fame and years of working in the industry.

She urged her followers to celebrate her while she is still alive, rather than after her passing.

In a heartwarming video, Iya Gbonkan was seen test driving her new car, expressing her gratitude to her fans for their generous gift.

Iya Gbonkan’s Plea and Gratitude:

In a viral video, Iya Gbonkan shared her desire for a car and revealed that she still relies on public transportation for her daily commute.

She appealed to her followers, requesting their support in fulfilling her wish while she is alive.

The actress emphasized the significance of appreciating her while she can still enjoy the gift.


Following the overwhelming response to her plea, Iya Gbonkan expressed her deep appreciation and offered prayers for those who supported her.

She acknowledged her followers as her backbone and wished them abundant blessings and a life free of hardships.

Generous Donations and Support:

An Instagram user reported that Iya Gbonkan has received immense support from fans and a Nigerian clergy member after her video went viral.

According to the user, the actress has received over N5 million in donations towards her car and housing project.

The user shared that Pastor Gabriel reached out to Iya Gbonkan after watching the video, and he visited her in Osogbo to offer his assistance.

Determined to make her dream a reality, he sourced funds from kind-hearted individuals worldwide.

The post also mentioned that fellow actresses Abeni Agbon and Tamotiye, who reside nearby, visited Iya Gbonkan, and each received a generous donation of 500K.

The post expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to the cause and conveyed blessings upon the donors.



Yoruba actress Iya Gbonkan’s plea for a car has been answered with overwhelming support and generosity from her fans and a Nigerian clergy member.

Her heartfelt video resonated with many, leading to significant donations for her car and housing project.

Iya Gbonkan, visibly grateful, test drove her new car and extended her appreciation to her supporters.

This heartwarming display of kindness and unity within the community demonstrates the impact of celebrating individuals while they are still alive.


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