From Thriller to TikTok: Ola Ray’s Enduring Beauty and Career Evolution

From Thriller to TikTok: Ola Ray’s Enduring Beauty and Career Evolution

Ola Ray, Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video Girlfriend, Transforms Over Four Decades

Ola Ray, known for her role as Michael Jackson’s girlfriend in the iconic Thriller music video, has undergone a remarkable transformation since the video’s release 40 years ago.

A Thriller Debut and Career Journey

The Thriller music video, released on November 2, 1983, marked Ola Ray’s debut and paved the way for her career in the entertainment industry.

Following her appearance in the video, she went on to feature in numerous TV shows and movies, accumulating a list of notable credits.

Notably, she became Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in June 1980.

Ola’s Ongoing Career

Over the years, Ola Ray has continued to stay active in the entertainment world.

She ventured into television, film, and even authored her own book.

Her presence on platforms like TikTok has allowed her to connect with fans and share moments, often dancing to various tracks.

Recognizable Features and Fan Reactions

While Ola Ray still sports her iconic curly hair, recent video clips show her donning bold red lipstick.

Fans who have followed her journey over the years were quick to recognize her and praised her timeless beauty.

Many took to the comments section to express their admiration and affection for the Thriller video star.

Ola Ray’s Reflections on Fame

In recent times, Ola Ray has shared insights into her journey to fame.

Ahead of the launch of her book, “The Thrill Of It all,” she opened up about her experiences and how people often approach her to inquire about her time working with Michael Jackson.

She expressed a desire to share her life story after keeping a low profile for an extended period.

A Whirlwind Career

Reflecting on her career, Ola Ray acknowledged that she never anticipated her rapid rise to fame.

Her involvement in the Thriller video was a whirlwind experience that led to roles in movies like “Fear City,” “The Night Stalker,” and her portrayal of a Playboy Playmate in “Beverly Hills Cop II.”

Controversies and Royalties

Despite her fame, Ola Ray has faced controversies, including a legal battle to collect royalties from the Thriller project.

In 2009, she sued Michael Jackson, but his untimely death less than two months later complicated the case.

Eventually, the Michael Jackson Family Trust settled with her legal team for a reported $75,000.

Ola Ray also expressed frustration when the 3D version of the Thriller video was released in 2017, as she claimed her attempts to contact the director went unanswered.

Ola Ray’s enduring appeal and journey from the Thriller video to her present endeavors continue to captivate fans and followers, celebrating her contributions to the world of entertainment.

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