From Street Craps to Blackjack – 5 Easy Games to Play With Friends

Ah, those were the times! If you have ever gathered with friends for a nice, old-fashioned gaming night, you know there’s something magical about it. You can play the latest multiplayer computer or console games, but nothing beats timeless classics such as blackjack and street craps.

It can bring your friends closer together, create fantastic memories and provide a lot of laughter and friendly competition. This article explores five essential games to play with friends and have fun for hours.

Street Craps – Easier Than Online Gambling 

This popular dice game is typically played informally, so it differs from its casino counterpart. Because of its fast-paced action, it can be played in short sessions or for hours on end. One of its greatest strengths is that it requires just two dice, making it convenient on the go.

The rules are straightforward. Players take turns to roll the dice and bet on the outcome. If they roll a 7 or 11, it’s a win. They lose the bet if they roll a 2, 3 or 12. Any other number is called a “point”. This means the roller needs to get this number again before getting a 7. If they do, they win.

Even though it’s a simple game, you can find some tips and strategies in a complete guide about street craps rules. It’s ideal for playing between two people, but any number of players is possible.

Spoons – Cards and Spoons in One Game

This is a straightforward game that adults and children can enjoy. You need a deck of cards and one spoon less than the participants. That is, if there are four players, you need three spoons. The rules are elementary (and funny). Each player gets four cards; the rest remain in a draw pile. The spoons are placed at the centre of the table.

Your objective is to get four of a kind while trading cards for other ones in a pile. If you get four of a kind, you grab a spoon fast, and the others immediately try to get one, too. Because there’s one spoon less than people, someone will get no spoons and lose. 

If you don’t get any spoons, you earn the letter S. Next time you don’t, you earn the letter P. The first player that completes the word “Spoons” loses the game.

Truth or Dare – If You Dare

This very simple game has been a staple of parties all over. As the name implies, each player gets a choice when their turn arrives. They can either tell an honest answer to any question they’re asked if they choose “truth” or perform a “dare”. 

The problem (and exciting part) is that you don’t know what question others are going to ask you, so it’s a bit of a gamble deciding whether you stick to “truth” or “dare”. If you do so, the idea is for you to answer truthfully. You could always cheat, but it takes all the fun away.

If you don’t want to answer questions or fear what others might ask you, you can choose “dare”. This is when things can get fun and even ridiculous. In that case, you must perform a task the other player demands. It can be as varied as licking the floor, impersonating someone in a joke call, or anything else.

Charades – Guessing or Laughing


This is a classic party game and only requires the imagination of all participants. There are no fixed rules in this game, but it’s common to choose a topic, for example, movie titles. Then, participants take turns making charades. That is, they act out words or phrases without speaking.

The other players need to guess what the phrase or words are. It’s not hard to see how this can be hilarious and fun. The more creative the “mime” is, the funnier. It’s also never the same. For instance, a player can use his hands to convey the meaning of a pigeon, while another one might make flying movements with his arms.

Because of its simplicity, there are no hard rules, but you can impose some to keep things interesting.

Blackjack – For Strategists

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games and for good reason. It’s not just a game of chance; it also incorporates elements of skill and strategy. Luckily, the equipment required is negligible. Even though casinos typically use six decks of cards, some variants allow you to use just one.

The goal in any of Blackjack’s many iterations is to get a hand value higher than the dealer but not exceeding 21. This means that getting 21 would be the perfect hand. If you get more than 21, you lose automatically.

As you can see, it can get pretty exciting because you need to decide whether you risk getting close to 21. Let’s say you have a hand value of 19. Do you risk it all by drawing another card? If you don’t, will your opponent get a 20 and beat you?

The decision-making feature and exhilarating action make this game a favourite in any gaming situation, be it a casino or when having fun with friends.

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