How to Play Real Money Online Blackjack Safely

Blackjack is a simple one-on-one casino card game. Your opponent—the dealer—works for the casino. The goal is to produce a hand of 21 without going overboard. You also win with a hand close to 21. But it must be better than the dealer’s hand.

Although casinos have an advantage over you in this game, you can use tricks and strategies to win. Choose online casinos because they’re convenient. Also, safeguard your safety by following these tips:

Select a Safe Blackjack Site

Hundreds of online casinos offer blackjack. This doesn’t mean they’re all equal. Some of them hold licenses that show they’re genuine. Some of them have unsecured websites, meaning hackers can intercept your data.

Pick a casino with a license from a recognized jurisdiction. Pay attention to where you live. In Europe, Malta is the preferred iGaming regulator. In the UK, the Gambling Commission regulates gambling operators.

In the US, you have two choices. Select a state-licensed casino if you live in Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware. Alternatively, find the best offshore online blackjack for real money sites. Ensure they have valid licenses from regulators in Panama, Curacao, or Costa Rica.

Besides licensing, pay attention to website security features like SSL encryption, independent auditing, password protection, and data privacy policies. Also, select a casino that accepts players from your country.

Install an Antivirus and VPN

A safe online casino gives you a stress-free gambling experience. But it doesn’t protect you from adware, ransomware, phishing scams, and other types of online threats. Install an antimalware program to secure your Internet connectivity. 

Free antimalware programs are great. But they offer limited protection from online threats. They can neutralize common viruses. However, they may not prevent hackers from taking your laptop hostage. 

Likewise, free VPNs have their limitations. They give you access to a handful of servers. And they may leak your data. In light of that information, it’s in your best interest to install a premium program.

For the uninitiated, VPNs encrypt your data to make it useless to hackers. They also hide your IP address to keep you anonymous while using the Internet. That means a Virtual Private Network is a handy tool if you like to protect your identity while playing blackjack online.

Secure Your Casino Account

The reason you need a blackjack site with password protection is to help secure your account. You need to protect your account from your nosy friends and family members. And you need to safeguard it from hackers.

This means don’t use a password people can guess with ease. Avoid using your pet’s name, your favorite sports team, or your date of birth. Use strong passwords. Use a password creator app if you have to—some apps also help you remember all your passwords.

The best casinos give you double protection for your accounts. You can use a password or two-factor authentication. Enable Two-FA. It helps keep your account safe even after your password has been compromised.

Create a Budget

For many gamblers, hackers aren’t the biggest online risk. Lack of a budget is. When you don’t have a bankroll, you can easily overspend money. Blackjack games are fun. And they can hook you to play without thinking about your losses.

Luckily, creating a casino budget is easy. First, look at your income. Do you earn enough money to afford casino gaming? Hint: casino gaming isn’t expensive. Still, you need to have a disposable income.

Pay your bills and set aside money for emergencies. Also, set aside money for investing or taking your family for a holiday. If you still have money to spend, use some of it to play blackjack online.

Many online casinos have a minimum deposit of $10. They might even give you a bonus as a welcome gesture. Usually, they match your deposit amount, meaning you receive a bigger reward if you deposit more money.

Learn Blackjack Rules

If you want to enjoy your time playing blackjack online, learn its rules. It’s a simple game, anyway. You select the blackjack variant to play:

  • Classic Blackjack
  • Perfect Pairs
  • Blackjack switch
  • Spanish 21
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack

Beginner players should select classic blackjack. It’s straightforward. The goal is to beat the dealer at producing a hand of 21. You get two cards at the start of a game—both facing up.

The dealer also receives two cards—one face-up and one face-down card. You can peek at the dealer’s face-up card. And depending on what you see, you can double down, hit, stand, or surrender.

Hitting means asking for another card. When you stand, you don’t want another card. Here, you’re hoping you can win with the cards you have. Doubling down means taking an extra bet to increase your profits. If you surrender, you lose half your money to the house.

Learn Blackjack Strategies

The most successful blackjack players all use strategies. The MIT blackjack team that reaped over $10m gambling in Las Vegas in the ‘90s used card counting. Don Johnson, who once won $6m overnight in Atlantic City, advocates for the basic blackjack strategy.

The basic blackjack strategy is appropriate for most players. Here’s why. Unlike card counting, casinos don’t care if you use basic blackjack. Most of them even let you carry a cheat sheet to use while on the blackjack tables.

Also, card counting is too sophisticated. If you watched the movie—21—depicted the MIT blackjack team as a group of geniuses. You need to be incredibly good at math to use this system. And still, it does not always guarantee profits.

 Beware of Online Blackjack Scams

The final tip for playing blackjack safely is to look out for scams. Beware of bonus scams—fraudulent casinos may lure you with bonuses. But once you deposit money, they confiscate your winnings. Stick to safe casinos to avoid these cons.

Also, avoid phishing scams. In this trick, frauds send you an email claiming you won money from a blackjack site. Or, they coax you to send crypto in exchange for sure blackjack winning tips. Avoid any messages offering free money. They’re usually swindles.


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