Fourth in Line Takes First College Tour, But Will Prince George Follow Royal Family or His Mother to Secondary School?

Speculation Grows: Will Prince George Choose Marlborough College Over Eton?

Elite Education Dilemma:

Eton College, renowned for educating the British elite, may not be the chosen path for Prince George, second in line to the throne.

Speculation is mounting that he might follow his mother’s educational journey and attend Marlborough College in Wiltshire instead.

Recent visits by the Princess of Wales, accompanied by her husband and Prince George, have fueled discussions about the young royal’s potential schooling choice.

The royal family’s decisions regarding education often attract attention and speculation.

Prince George’s potential divergence from the Eton tradition adds an interesting dimension to the ongoing narrative of the royal children’s upbringing.

Kate’s Schooling Preferences:

Reports suggest that Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, holds reservations about single-sex schools like Eton.

Her negative experience at Downe House, an all-girls boarding school, contributes to her purported dislike for such institutions.

In contrast, she thrived at Marlborough, excelling academically and showcasing her talents in sports.

The influence of personal experiences on educational choices within the royal family sheds light on the complexities involved in selecting the right environment for young royals.

Alleged School Visits:

While no firm decision has been confirmed, the Princess of Wales reportedly visited Marlborough College with both William and George on December 1.

This follows her solo visit in October. The family also toured Eton in June, exploring both options for Prince George’s future schooling.

The frequency of these visits and the thorough consideration of different schools underscore the meticulous approach the royal family takes in shaping the educational journey of its members.

Eton’s Historical Significance:

Eton College, located near Windsor Castle, holds historical significance for the royal family.

Princes William and Harry found refuge there during challenging times in their parents’ marriage.

However, Harry, in his memoir, expressed regret about the choice.

The contrast in their experiences raises questions about the suitability of Eton for Prince George.

The juxtaposition of William’s solace and Harry’s discontent at Eton emphasizes the individual nature of educational preferences, prompting speculation about what might be best for Prince George.

Current Schooling and Future Choices:

Prince George is currently enrolled at Lambrook, a co-educational prep school, where he is joined by his siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

As George approaches the end of his time at Lambrook in 2026, the choice of a mixed-sex school like Marlborough could potentially allow his siblings to join him in the future.

The consideration of continuity for the royal siblings at a mixed-sex school reflects a strategic approach to their education, ensuring a cohesive and supportive environment.

Exam Preparation and Family Support:

As Prince George undergoes exams that may influence his future education, Kate Middleton has been actively involved in preparing him.

Her absence from Prince William’s Earthshot Prize ceremony in Singapore last month indicates her commitment to supporting George during this crucial period.

The dedication of the royal family to actively participate in the educational journey of their children is evident, emphasizing the importance they place on a well-rounded and supported upbringing.

Low-Key Visit and Public Reception:

During the visit to Marlborough College, the royal family enjoyed a low-key lunch at Tray’s Cafe in Hungerford.

Staff at the cafe described the Waleses as ‘utterly delightful’ and praised their amicable demeanor.

The casual outing adds a human touch to the royal family, showcasing their ability to balance public responsibilities with moments of normalcy.

Application Process and Future Choices:

Both Eton and Marlborough follow similar application processes involving assessments and interviews, starting at the age of Prince George.

The palace, however, declined to comment on the ongoing discussions about the young royal’s schooling choice.

The discretion maintained by the palace on this matter highlights the private nature of royal family decisions, leaving room for ongoing speculation and anticipation regarding Prince George’s educational future.


As speculation grows about Prince George’s potential enrollment at Marlborough College instead of Eton, the royal family’s meticulous approach to educational decisions becomes evident.

The contrast in Kate Middleton’s educational experiences and the family’s consideration of continuity for the royal siblings add layers to the ongoing narrative of Prince George’s schooling journey.

The public’s fascination with the choices made for the young royals continues, emphasizing the intersection of tradition, personal experience, and the individual needs of each royal family member.

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