High School Teacher Caught with Drugs at Thoko Thaba Secondary School in Ekurhuleni

High School Teacher Caught with Drugs at Thoko Thaba Secondary School in Ekurhuleni

Disturbing news has emerged from Thoko Thaba Secondary School in Ekurhuleni, where a high school teacher was discovered in possession of drugs.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the Gauteng Department of Education, prompting swift action and condemnation.

Discovery of Illicit Substances:

The teacher in question was found with a bag and a box containing an illicit substance, marking a significant breach of trust and professionalism within the educational institution.

Concerns from MEC Matome Chiloane:

MEC Matome Chiloane expressed deep concern over the incident, particularly highlighting the failure of school management to promptly report the matter.

He stated, “We are deeply disappointed about this incident and vehemently condemn such conduct, and we will be acting against it accordingly.”

Timeline of Incident:

The incident reportedly occurred on Valentine’s Day but only came to light when disgruntled community members staged a protest on Wednesday, bringing attention to the issue.

MEC Chiloane urged the community to allow the legal process to unfold and handle the matter appropriately.

Community Cooperation:

In an effort to maintain order and ensure a fair resolution, the MEC pleaded with the community to cooperate and allow the Department of Education and relevant law enforcement authorities to address the situation effectively.

Crime Statistics Context:

This incident comes against the backdrop of recently released crime statistics, revealing a staggering 43,243 reported drug-related crimes across the country within the 90-day window from October 1 to December 31, 2023.

The statistics underscore the severity of the issue, with substantial drug seizures, including a notable consignment of cocaine worth R151 million in Durban Harbour.


The discovery of a teacher with drugs raises critical questions about the safety and integrity of educational environments.

The swift condemnation from the Gauteng Department of Education and MEC Matome Chiloane signals a commitment to addressing such misconduct decisively.

As the legal process unfolds, it remains crucial for communities to allow due process and support the appropriate authorities in resolving this concerning incident.