Royal Dilemma, Oundle vs. Marlborough – Which School Will Shape Prince George’s Future?

Royal Dilemma, Oundle vs. Marlborough – Which School Will Shape Prince George’s Future?

The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are diligently exploring secondary education options for their elder son, Prince George.

While their alma maters, Eton and Marlborough College, were initially considered, Oundle School in north Northamptonshire has now become a leading contender.

This co-educational institution, with a £34,000-a-year fee, stands out for its emphasis on producing environmentally conscious and well-rounded individuals.

Oundle’s Green Ethos:

Oundle School, established in 1556, combines its rich history with a modern ethos centered around environmental sustainability.

Describing its pupils as ‘Climate Champions,’ the school emphasizes the responsibility of fostering individual and collective action for environmental preservation.

This commitment aligns with the Prince and Princess of Wales’s dedication to instilling values of decency and ambition in their children.

Marlborough’s Changing Image:

Despite visiting Marlborough College, where Kate Middleton’s siblings Pippa and James were educated, concerns have arisen about the school’s changing image.

A perceived increase in popularity among ultra-rich families has led to a potential shift in the school’s atmosphere, prompting worries about it becoming ‘too flashy.’

The source suggests that the current Marlborough may differ significantly from Kate’s memories, highlighting a shift toward a more affluent demographic.

Oundle’s Appeal and Family-Friendly Environment:

Oundle School’s appeal lies in its commitment to nurturing open minds, authentic self-belief, and a sense of service, all while discouraging arrogance.

An essential factor is its co-educational nature, mirroring Marlborough’s setup, allowing all of the Waleses’ children to attend the same school.

This aligns with the security team’s preference and addresses Prince William’s initial consideration of Eton, which is boys-only.

Considerations and Kate’s Vision:

As the decision-making process unfolds, considerations include Prince George’s potential comfort with boarding at Oundle from the age of 11.

A source notes Kate Middleton’s desire for a school that suits all her children and keeps them grounded, emphasizing the importance of finding a balanced and suitable educational environment.

Awaiting Official Statements:

Both Oundle School and Kensington Palace were approached for comments, indicating the ongoing deliberations and the anticipation surrounding an official announcement.