National Blood Donor Week: Celebrating the Gift of Life for Twin Babies

National Blood Donor Week: Celebrating the Gift of Life for Twin Babies

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. A Miraculous Journey: Overcoming Challenges in a Twin Pregnancy


Parents Jodie Lewis and Niall Trew were overjoyed when they discovered they were expecting twins during an early scan.

Anticipating the joy of raising two children, they embarked on a journey that would test their strength and resilience.

The Anxiety of Complications In twin pregnancies, additional scans are common.

At a routine 26-week scan, Niall and Jodie received distressing news about one of their babies.

The baby had an issue with blood flow, causing great concern for the parents.

As the weeks passed, anxiety grew as the baby’s growth slowed down, leading to Jodie’s hospitalization during the Christmas period.


The couple faced mounting anxiety as they navigated the challenges posed by the complications in one of their babies.

The emotional rollercoaster intensified as they awaited each scan result, hoping for positive news.

Grappling with the Severity of the Situation Jodie recalls the moment when she was informed about the blood flow issue, describing it as truly frightening.

Initially, she struggled to comprehend the risks associated with the condition and relied on her consultant for information.

However, as time went on and the baby’s condition worsened, the gravity of the situation sank in, particularly when the growth of their other baby, Jax, began to slow as well.

Jodie’s journey of understanding and acceptance reflects the immense emotional turmoil experienced by parents in such situations.

The evolving severity of the condition added to their fears and uncertainties.

The Lifesaving Delivery The day arrived when Jodie had to undergo an emergency c-section due to one of the babies’ stopped heartbeat.


On January 2, 2023, at Prince Charles Hospital, Jax and Frankie, the resilient baby boys, were born prematurely at 34 weeks.

The couple faced a heart-wrenching delivery, knowing that their babies’ lives hung in the balance.

The dedication and skill of the medical team were crucial in ensuring the safe arrival of Jax and Frankie.

Separation and Strength After the birth, the babies had to be separated.

Frankie, the baby without blood flow issues, was immediately taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) due to oxygen level concerns.

Jax initially accompanied Jodie but later faced feeding difficulties and was transferred to the NICU as well.

Jodie had to make the heart-wrenching decision to be with Jax while her sister supported Frankie.

The parents endured the pain of separation as their babies fought their own battles.


Jodie’s inner struggle between her two children highlighted the emotional turmoil experienced by parents torn between their babies’ needs.

A Journey to Recovery Jax’s condition necessitated his transfer to the University Hospital of Wales for specialized treatment at just four days old.

The brothers faced a tumultuous period, with Jax requiring blood transfusions to address his severe anaemia.

Finally, after six weeks of hospitalization, both babies were reunited and gradually regained their health.

The resilience and strength exhibited by the babies throughout their hospital stay showcased their determination to overcome challenges.

The joy of their reunion after weeks of separation brought immense relief and hope to their parents.


Frankie and Jax, now six months old, have fully recovered from their early struggles and are thriving in the loving care of their parents and extended family.


The lifesaving blood transfusions, generously provided by strangers, played a pivotal role in Jax’s survival.

Jodie and Niall express their deepest gratitude to the blood donors and encourage others to consider making this life-changing donation.

The couple’s heartfelt appreciation for the blood donors emphasizes the critical impact of blood donations on the lives of individuals and families.

Their story serves as a reminder of the constant need for blood donations to support patients like Jax and to make cherished family moments possible.


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