Ex-MMA Fighter Diego Braga Slain by Drug Gang after Pursuing Stolen Motorcycle

Discovery of Stolen Motorcycle Leads to Tragedy

Diego Braga’s motorcycle was stolen from his residence, prompting him to trace it to a Rio de Janeiro slum in the Itanhangá neighborhood.

Confronting a group of drug dealers in an attempt to retrieve his stolen bike, Braga was assaulted and killed. His lifeless body was discovered later on Monday.

Arrest of Alleged Killer and Gang Member

Police arrested 18-year-old Tauã da Silva, a member of the drug gang and the alleged killer, on Tuesday. Da Silva confessed to the crime, revealing that Braga had gone to the slum to arrange the motorcycle’s return.

The suspect claimed Braga had connections with militiamen from Rio das Pedras and Muzema.

Details of the Crime According to the Suspect

Tauã da Silva recounted that Braga attempted to flee but was caught and subsequently killed. The accomplices of the alleged killer managed to escape the slum after the fatal incident.

Authorities conducted multiple raids on Tuesday to apprehend the other suspects involved in the crime.

Misidentification and Recovery of Motorcycle

Military police believe the drug dealers may have mistaken Braga for a member of a militia from Muzema, where he resided.

The motorcycle, a focal point of the confrontation, was recovered by the police on Tuesday afternoon from a home in the same neighborhood.

Braga’s MMA Career and Legacy

Diego Braga, who made his MMA debut in October 2003 and retired after a fight in July 2019, dedicated his post-MMA career to operating Tropa Thai Gym.

The gym served as a training ground for fighters, including his son, Gabriel Braga.

UFC legend Anderson Silva paid tribute to Braga, criticizing the insufficient efforts of the police in curbing violence and expressing the need for societal change.

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