Former Imo State Government Chief Calls for Patience Amid Tinubu Administration’s Actions

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Former Chief of Staff to the Imo State Government, Uche Nwosu, has called on Nigerians to exercise patience and refrain from assuming that Bola Tinubu’s decisions, such as the suspension of Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele, are driven by personal vendettas.


Nwosu argues that Tinubu, as the president, needs to undertake necessary measures to sanitize the system and surround himself with a competent team.

Investigation in the National Interest, Asserts Nwosu

Nwosu challenges the notion that investigating individuals with whom Tinubu may have contested elections implies a vendetta-driven agenda.

He emphasizes that for the good of the country, the president must be able to investigate individuals who have questions to answer, regardless of the public’s perception.

Nwosu contends that failure to do so would hinder progress and jeopardize the nation’s stability.

Reopening Borders to Revitalize the Economy, According to Nwosu

Addressing concerns about the reopening of Nigeria’s borders, Nwosu dismisses fears of negative economic consequences.

Instead, he believes that reopening the borders will aid in the restoration of thousands of jobs lost during the border closure.


Nwosu also highlights the importance of encouraging Nigerians to focus on local production, citing the impact on small businesses and the preferences of consumers for locally-produced goods.

Embracing Local Products and Job Creation

Nwosu points out that the reopening of the borders will not lead to laziness or a decline in domestic production.

He highlights the resilience of Nigerians and their preference for locally-produced items, such as rice.

By supporting local production, Nwosu argues that the nation can continue to produce goods, create employment opportunities, and empower individuals engaged in small-scale businesses.


Uche Nwosu, former Chief of Staff to the Imo State Government, urges Nigerians to exercise patience and refrain from assuming that the actions taken by the Tinubu administration, including the suspension of the Central Bank Governor, are driven by personal vendettas.

Nwosu emphasizes the importance of investigation for the nation’s benefit and highlights the need for the president to surround himself with a competent team.

Furthermore, he dismisses concerns about the reopening of the borders, asserting that it will revive lost jobs and promote local production.

Nwosu encourages Nigerians to embrace locally-produced goods while emphasizing the resilience and potential for job creation within the country.


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