Former Footballer Paul Gascoigne Shares Friendly Moment with Prince Charles at Bournemouth’s Pret A Manger

Former Footballer Paul Gascoigne Shares Friendly Moment with Prince Charles at Bournemouth’s Pret A Manger

Former footballer Paul Gascoigne, commonly known as Gazza, unexpectedly crossed paths with the Prince of Wales during a visit to a Pret A Manger outlet in Bournemouth.

The encounter between the two personalities made for a memorable moment that drew attention from onlookers.

Prince William’s Visit to Pret A Manger

On a Thursday visit to a Pret A Manger branch in Bournemouth town center, Prince William had a specific agenda.

He was there to discuss the company’s plans to expand The Pret Foundation’s program, which aims to assist 500 individuals experiencing homelessness in securing employment opportunities at Pret shops nationwide.

This initiative aligns with Prince William’s Homewards project, a five-year endeavor designed to combat homelessness in six different locations.

Gascoigne Joins the Conversation

During Prince William’s visit to the Pret A Manger outlet, Paul Gascoigne, the former England international footballer, joined the gathering.

Their conversation, which lasted for a few minutes, attracted the attention of a growing crowd of curious onlookers.

A Friendly Gesture: Gascoigne’s Kiss on the Cheek

As the encounter drew to a close, Gascoigne extended a friendly gesture.

He shook Prince William’s hand and gave him a warm kiss on the cheek, creating a notable and unexpected moment.

Prince William’s Remark

After the encounter with Gascoigne, Prince William commented on the event, describing it as a “very interesting morning.”

He shared his thoughts on the unplanned meeting and mentioned Gazza’s visit to Pret, adding a touch of spontaneity to the official discussion.

Bournemouth’s Role in the Homewards Initiative

It’s important to note that Bournemouth is one of the six flagship locations for the Homewards initiative.

This includes Christchurch and Poole, making it a significant area of focus for Prince William’s project to combat homelessness.

During his visit, members of the Pret Foundation, along with representatives from various national and local businesses, engaged in a roundtable meeting.

The discussion centered around ways in which companies can contribute to addressing homelessness.

Prominent business leaders from companies such as Lush, Sunseekers, Dorset Chamber of Commerce, AFC Bournemouth, and Bournemouth and Poole College were present and pledged to expand their efforts in areas such as community outreach, education, and employment opportunities to make a positive impact on the issue of homelessness.


The unexpected encounter between Paul Gascoigne and Prince William added a unique and human touch to the official visit.

It showcased the spontaneous nature of public interactions and the ability of such moments to leave lasting impressions.

Prince William’s commitment to addressing homelessness through the Homewards initiative is commendable.

By engaging with local businesses and discussing concrete plans to help those in need, he is actively working towards a meaningful solution.

The presence and support of various businesses, both national and local, at the roundtable meeting further demonstrate the importance of collaboration in addressing social issues like homelessness.

The commitment to expanding initiatives in areas such as community outreach and employment opportunities reflects a collective effort to make a positive impact on the community.

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