England Football Legend Paul Gascoigne Opens Up on Battle with Mental Health and Sobriety

Paul Gascoigne, the legendary England footballer, has opened up about his current lifestyle residing on the south coast of England.

The 56-year-old, known affectionately as ‘Gazza’, now shares a residence with his agent Katie Davies in Poole, a residential area near Bournemouth.

Challenges and Battles

Gascoigne’s post-football life has been marked by well-documented struggles with mental health issues and alcohol addiction.

Since retiring from his illustrious football career in 2004, Gascoigne has faced public battles with sobriety, undergoing multiple stints in rehab and facing legal issues related to alcohol abuse.

Insights into Daily Life

During an interview, Gascoigne candidly shared details of his new routine, emphasizing the importance of avoiding situations where he might be tempted to drink.

Despite the challenges, Gascoigne humorously noted that the lack of football-centric culture in Bournemouth has eased some of the pressures he faced in other cities.

Reflecting on the Past

Gascoigne expressed remorse for the impact his alcohol addiction has had on his life and career.

He acknowledged his past mistakes, including arrests for drunk and disorderly conduct, and admitted that he barely watches football anymore due to his longing for the game.

Striving for Sobriety

Gascoigne’s journey toward sobriety has been arduous, marked by numerous setbacks and periods of relapse.

He spoke about attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and the challenges of resisting the urge to drink, especially during difficult times.

Positive Coping Mechanisms

In an effort to maintain his sobriety, Gascoigne has turned to healthier alternatives, such as consuming copious amounts of coffee instead of alcohol.

He described his daily routine, which includes indulging in coffee and pursuing outdoor activities like fishing on good days.

Emotional Reflections

Gascoigne’s interview also touched on his emotional state and the toll that his struggles have taken on him.

He spoke candidly about moments of vulnerability, his efforts to confront past mistakes, and his ongoing commitment to charity work despite personal challenges.

Continuing the Fight

Despite the hardships, Gascoigne remains resolute in his determination to overcome his addiction and mental health issues.

He expressed gratitude for the support he has received and affirmed his commitment to fighting for his well-being, indicating that he will continue to persevere in his journey toward recovery.

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