Former Aide Reno Omokri Criticizes Nigerians over Rising Population in the Face of Economic Challenges

Former Aide Reno Omokri Criticizes Nigerians over Rising Population in the Face of Economic Challenges

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the increasing population in Nigeria despite the challenging economic conditions.


He pointed out that while citizens often complain about the high cost of living, they continue to have more children.

Lack of Suffering and Responsibility

Omokri argued that Nigerians have not experienced enough hardship, suggesting that if the country truly faced economic difficulties, people would not be procreating at the current rate.

According to the political analyst, increased suffering would lead to greater responsibility among the population.


Learning the Hard Way Under President Buhari

Omokri contended that Nigerians would eventually learn their lesson through President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership and that of his successors.

He emphasized the need for a strong approach to encourage individuals to live within their means and adjust their lifestyles accordingly.

Contrasting Birth Rates and Rising Costs

Highlighting the paradox between rising birth rates and increasing costs of necessities, Omokri questioned who was responsible for the population growth.

He challenged the notion that foreigners were solely contributing to the expanding population, suggesting that Nigerians themselves were actively involved.

Advocating for Responsibility and Adaptation

The former presidential aide concluded by asserting that Nigerians needed to face more hardships to foster a sense of responsibility.


He criticized the inconsistency between the soaring prices of baby diapers and food and the escalating birth rate, urging individuals to align their expenses with their financial capacities.

Learning from Experience

Omokri drew a comparison to the previous administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, implying that the nation failed to heed the lessons of that era.

He warned that under President Buhari’s administration and future leaders, Nigerians would have to learn the hard way to adopt more responsible behaviors.


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