Flight Attendants Dish on the Worst Pickup Lines from Passengers and Pilots

In a light-hearted yet revealing blog post, flight attendants Rich Henderson and Andrew Kothlow, known for their blog “Two Guys on a Plane,” have shared some of the most cringe-worthy pickup lines they and their fellow cabin crew members have encountered while working in the skies.

The blog, where the duo frequently provides advice on flying, took a humorous turn as they delved into the awkward and sometimes outrageous moments of passengers attempting to flirt.

From passengers trying to join the infamous ‘mile-high club’ to others making suggestive remarks during safety demonstrations, the flight attendants shed light on the amusing and bizarre encounters they’ve faced.

As they humorously noted in their post, the beverage and food cart seems to be a hotspot for in-flight flirting, with passengers attempting to charm flight attendants with lines like, ‘You, on ice’ and ‘Well, would you look at that, a snack from a snack.’

These anecdotes provide a glimpse into the peculiar dynamics that can unfold at 30,000 feet.

While most pickup lines were lighthearted and playful, some passengers took it to the next level with more suggestive remarks.

The blog highlights instances where travelers tried to be more daring, asking flight attendants to join the ‘mile-high club’ or making explicit comments about destinations like Dublin.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t just passengers trying their luck.

The flight attendants revealed that even captains and pilots got in on the action, with requests to ‘fluff pillows’ and attempts to connect on dating apps like Tinder.

The post showcases the lighter side of the aviation industry, where humor often serves as a coping mechanism for the unconventional experiences that come with the job.

As travelers and aviation enthusiasts read through these amusing stories, the blog adds a touch of entertainment to the often routine and serious nature of air travel.

It’s a reminder that even in the skies, a good sense of humor can make the journey more enjoyable for both passengers and the dedicated cabin crew.

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