CBS Sports Anchor Shocked by Theft of Undergarments on Delta Air Lines Flight

CBS Sports anchor Katie Mox expressed her astonishment after discovering that all her underwear and bras were stolen from her suitcase following a Delta Air Lines flight to Florida.

Mox, the host of CBS Sports’ Pick Six podcast, shared her experience on social media, narrating the unexpected discovery.

The Unsettling Discovery:

In a video posted on Instagram, Mox revealed her shock upon opening her suitcase and finding that her undergarments had been stolen.

Strikingly, other valuables such as clothes, shoes, and jewelry remained untouched.

Mox expressed her disbelief and frustration, questioning how such a targeted theft could occur during her journey with Delta Air Lines.

The selective nature of the theft raises questions about the security measures in place and the apparent focus on specific items within Mox’s checked bag.

Details of the Incident:

Mox further detailed the incident on Instagram, describing the moment she realized her bag had been opened, a compartment she had secured.

Expressing her dismay, she pointed out the absence of the customary TSA notice when bags are inspected.

The theft specifically targeted her underwear and bras, leaving Mox visibly shocked.

Mox’s account highlights the peculiar circumstances surrounding the incident, including the lack of a typical TSA inspection notice and the unusual nature of the stolen items.

Reporting the Theft:

In a follow-up message, Mox informed her followers that she had filed a complaint with Delta regarding the theft.

Expressing disbelief, she contrasted the untouched jewelry and shoes with the stolen undergarments, emphasizing the irregularity of the situation.

The immediate reporting of the theft and the filing of a complaint with the airline underscore Mox’s determination to address the incident and seek resolution.


In a final post, Mox shared a photo of herself walking with a new shopping bag, presumably containing replacement underwear.

She humorously noted, ‘Secured the Walmart bag,’ concluding her social media updates on the unsettling experience.

Mox’s final post injects a light-hearted tone into the situation, suggesting a proactive approach to overcoming the theft and moving forward.

Delta has not responded to requests for comment, leaving questions about the airline’s involvement or responsibility in addressing the incident.

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