Tiktok Travelers Dish Out Verdicts on Airline Breakfasts, Offering Culinary Insights from 30,000 Feet Across the Skies

Tiktok Travelers Dish Out Verdicts on Airline Breakfasts, Offering Culinary Insights from 30,000 Feet Across the Skies

As air travel resumes, TikTok users have taken to the platform to share their verdicts on airline breakfasts, offering a unique insight into the diverse and sometimes surprising culinary experiences at 30,000 feet.

From succulent sausages to lackluster pancakes, travelers capture their in-flight meals in vivid detail, providing a glimpse into the world of airline dining.

Each dish is meticulously reviewed, showcasing both the highs and lows of breakfast offerings aboard various airlines.

Exploring TikTok’s Airborne Breakfast Reviews:

In the era of social media, influencers like Ashley Yi (@munchwithyou), Anjali (@anjaliwandering), Sammy K (@skzzolno), Joanne (@backpackerflipflops), and Izzy Laborda share their mid-air gastronomic adventures, offering fellow travelers and food enthusiasts a firsthand look at what’s served on different carriers.

These TikTok creators have turned their breakfast trays into a canvas for reviews, discussing everything from sausages and omelets to croissants and coffee.

Ashley Yi’s Flight with Singapore Airlines:

TikTok creator Ashley Yi, known as @munchwithyou, provides a detailed account of her breakfast on a Singapore Airlines flight. Seated in premium class, her meal is elegantly presented on crockery, distinguishing it from disposable alternatives.

The spread includes soy chicken with noodles, a croissant, strawberry yogurt, fruit salad, and an unfrosted cupcake.

Notably, Ashley’s unconventional choice of eating the croissant with yogurt sparks a mix of reactions from her followers, highlighting the subjective nature of in-flight culinary preferences.

Anjali’s Luxurious Breakfast on Emirates:

@anjaliwandering takes TikTok users on a luxurious journey aboard Emirates Business Class, showcasing a meticulously arranged tray featuring waffles with a berry compote, a fruit salad, and a croissant with butter and strawberry jam.

Anjali expresses her lingering appreciation for the waffles, emphasizing their unforgettable taste.

Her decision to opt for waffles over a traditional English breakfast adds a personal touch to the review, offering insights into the diverse options available even within a single flight class.

Sammy K’s 16-Hour Flight with Air Canada:

Sammy K (@skzzolno) shares her in-flight breakfast experience during a 16-hour journey to Sydney with Air Canada. Offering a comprehensive review, she samples pancakes, fruit, bread and butter, and evaluates the simple black roast coffee.

While initially skeptical about the pancakes, Sammy’s verdict leans towards them being “edible,” providing a nuanced perspective on the challenges of maintaining food quality during extended flights.

Joanne’s First-Class Breakfast with Delta:

Joanne, using the handle @backpackerflipflops, takes TikTok users on a visual tour of her First-Class breakfast with Delta. A generous square of omelet, asparagus, tomato, croissant, and fruit salad populate her tray.

Joanne’s candid review includes praise for the croissant but a less favorable opinion about the egg main, showcasing the subjective nature of taste preferences even in premium classes.

Ashley Yi’s In-Flight Dining with Korean Air:

In another review, Ashley Yi indulges in breakfast on a Korean Air flight, showcasing her ratings for each component of her meal.

The chive omelet receives a glowing nine out of 10, while the pork sausage and sautéed red skin potatoes score eight and seven respectively.

Ashley’s thorough review includes praise for the spinach and cherry tomato, the croissant, and a giant Muscat grape, providing a comprehensive overview of her dining experience.

Izzy Laborda’s Economy Breakfast with KLM:

Izzy Laborda documents her economy breakfast experience with KLM, highlighting the culinary offerings alongside her in-flight entertainment.

Her review covers a wheat ciabatta sandwich, strawberry yogurt, fruit salad, and coffee. Despite giving the sandwich an eight out of 10, Izzy expresses disappointment with the coffee, showcasing the varied nature of in-flight beverage experiences.

@our.travel.diary’s Malaysia Airlines Breakfast Adventure:

The TikTok duo @our.travel.diary provides a playful review of their breakfast on a Malaysia Airlines flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Their plastic-wrapped ‘white bun’ receives a three out of 10, contrasting with a remarkable ‘100 out of 10’ for the omelet with potatoes and egg.

The review culminates in high scores for a vanilla dessert and a miniature blueberry muffin, offering a delightful conclusion to their in-flight culinary journey.


These TikTok creators have transformed their airborne breakfast experiences into engaging and informative content, providing fellow travelers with valuable insights into the diverse world of airline dining.

From gourmet delights in premium classes to humble offerings in economy, these reviews capture the nuances, surprises, and occasional disappointments of in-flight breakfasts, making social media a window into the evolving landscape of air travel culinary experiences.