Financial Squeeze of Being Single: Woman’s Story Sparks Awareness

Alison Weyland, a 44-year-old single woman, opens up about the challenges she faces due to the “single tax” and the financial burdens of living alone.


Despite having a stable job as a digital marketing manager, Alison finds it tough to manage her expenses, especially in a cost-of-living crisis.

Living Costs and the Single Tax

Alison’s one-bedroom flat in Bristol costs her £1,500 a month, and being single means she has to bear all the bills alone.

She explains that the single tax is a real phenomenon where individuals like her end up paying more than their married friends who share expenses.

This situation often leaves her feeling limited and socially isolated.


Hurdles in Finding Suitable Accommodation

Before moving to Bristol, Alison lived in London, but she was forced to leave due to the high cost of living and poor living conditions.

Despite earning a decent salary, she struggled to find an affordable place in Bristol.

The lack of options for single accommodation, coupled with high council tax rates, further compounds her financial struggles.

Social Expenses and Single Supplements

Alison shares her experiences of paying extra for social events and travel due to the single supplement charges.

In some instances, she was turned away from restaurants or had to pay for two seats, which she finds disheartening.


Moreover, grocery shopping becomes a challenge for single individuals, as buying in bulk is not feasible due to limited storage space, resulting in food wastage and increased expenses.

The Dilemma of Saving for the Future

Alison expresses her desire to travel and enjoy a better lifestyle but finds it difficult to save for such endeavors while shouldering all expenses alone.

Uncertain job prospects add to her concerns, making long-term planning a distant fantasy.


Alison’s story sheds light on the financial difficulties faced by single individuals, from the burden of high living costs to the challenges of finding affordable accommodation and socializing.

It underscores the need for society to consider the unique circumstances of single people and offer more equitable opportunities to alleviate the financial strain they endure.


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