Yul Edochie’s Thought-Provoking Question: Why is Reasoning Difficult in Today’s World?

Yul Edochie’s Thought-Provoking Question: Why is Reasoning Difficult in Today’s World?

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, took to his Instagram page to pose a thought-provoking question to his millions of fans and followers.


He expressed his concern about the lack of reasoning among people and questioned why it is so challenging for individuals to think critically.

Yul emphasized the transient nature of life, questioning how many more deaths it would take for people to realize the temporary nature of existence.

He called for a shift away from hate, envy, and the pursuit of material possessions, advocating instead for a world where love prevails.

Eniola Badmus Advocates Love and Kindness

In a recent message on her Instagram page, actress Eniola Badmus shared the significance of spreading love in our interactions with others.


Eniola listed various ways through which love can be spread, urging her fans to engage in acts of kindness and generosity.

She emphasized the importance of helping the less fortunate, volunteering at charities, and using kind words when interacting with people.

Eniola encouraged her followers to give to meaningful causes and even extend kindness to those who may be rude.

She also stressed the value of offering lunch or care packages to homeless individuals and being attentive listeners to those in need.

Additionally, she urged her audience to be sources of encouragement for people facing challenging times.



Both Yul Edochie and Eniola Badmus use their platforms to spread positive messages about love, kindness, and empathy.

Yul’s call for reasoning and recognition of life’s temporality serves as a reminder to prioritize compassion and understanding.

Eniola’s advocacy for spreading love through various actions highlights the power of small gestures in making a difference in people’s lives.

These messages of love and kindness resonate as crucial reminders for building a more caring and compassionate society.

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