Female prison guard Ruth Shmylo who had sex with prisoner declared not guilty of illicit relationship with prisoners

In a recent legal development, Ruth Shmylo, a 26-year-old prison officer, has been acquitted of charges related to an alleged illicit relationship with a convicted gangster, Harri Pullen.

Shmylo, described as a “very pretty” prison officer, had faced accusations of engaging in an inappropriate five-month relationship with Pullen during her tenure at HMP Parc in Bridgend.

The court’s decision sheds light on a complex case involving recorded phone calls, threats, and allegations of intimidation.

The Allegations:

Shmylo’s trial unfolded over nine days, during which she was accused of maintaining an improper relationship with Pullen, a 25-year-old drug dealer.

Phone calls between Shmylo and Pullen were recorded by prison authorities, revealing explicit content and expressions of love.

Despite the recorded evidence, Shmylo steadfastly maintained that she was coerced into accepting the calls due to threats against her family.

The court also heard about Shmylo’s termination from her position at HMP Parc and Pullen’s subsequent transfer to another facility.

Courtroom Drama:

During the trial, the court was presented with a series of phone calls in which Pullen professed his love for Shmylo.

Despite the recordings, Shmylo asserted that she was compelled to comply with Pullen’s demands out of fear.

The defense contended that Shmylo, facing a threatening environment and having reported corruption within the prison previously, was hesitant to report the calls due to concerns about potential repercussions.

Corruption Reports and Whistleblower Status:

The defense painted a picture of Shmylo as a whistleblower who had previously reported corruption within the prison system.

Complaints about her included allegations of flirtatious behavior with inmates and inappropriate work attire.

Shmylo’s defense argued that her previous reports of corruption and food tampering resulted in her being mistreated, labeled a “grass,” and physically assaulted by colleagues.

Legal and Ethical Implications:

The court’s decision raises ethical questions about the treatment of whistleblowers in a prison setting and the challenges individuals face when exposing corruption within such institutions.

The defense argued that Shmylo’s previous experiences influenced her decision not to report Pullen’s calls, fearing a repeat of mistreatment and harassment.


Ruth Shmylo’s acquittal marks the end of a legal ordeal for the prison officer.

The case underscores the complexities surrounding relationships between prison staff and inmates, emphasizing the need for a nuanced understanding of the power dynamics within correctional facilities.

As Shmylo returns to her life post-trial, questions linger about the broader issues of corruption, whistleblower protection, and the well-being of those working within the prison system.

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