Eurostart, LeShuttle, London Euston rail stations shutdown sending Britain into travel chaos

Eurostart, LeShuttle, London Euston rail stations shutdown sending Britain into travel chaos

As Storm Pia, with gusts reaching 113mph, wreaked havoc across the UK, causing major travel disruptions, chaos ensued on various fronts.

Simultaneously, Eurotunnel staff initiated a last-minute strike, resulting in the suspension of all Eurostar and LeShuttle rail services.

The ensuing travel turmoil impacted multiple modes of transportation, including trains, flights, and road networks.

Rail Disruptions:

Eurostar and LeShuttle rail services faced suspension due to an unexpected strike by Eurotunnel staff.

The strike halted all Channel Tunnel train operations until at least 3:30 pm, with trains en route forced to return to their starting points.

London Euston station also shut down, exacerbating travel chaos.

Storm Pia’s Impact:

Storm Pia, with wind speeds of 113mph, disrupted rail services and caused widespread travel mayhem.

Euston station witnessed cancellations of Avanti West Coast and West Midlands Trains services due to damage to overhead electric wires.

TransPennine Express advised against travel to and from Edinburgh, urging passengers to delay journeys until after 3 pm.

Passenger Struggles:

Passengers faced distressing situations, with reports of individuals stuck on trains or at stations, witnessing services being turned back to their departure points.

Social media accounts highlighted the emotional toll, with one passenger describing their daughter’s distress due to disabilities, while others lamented last-minute disruptions to Christmas plans.

Eurotunnel Strike Fallout:

The Eurotunnel strike, characterized by unexpected industrial action in France, led to the complete interruption of LeShuttle services.

Eurostar and LeShuttle issued apologies to passengers for the delays caused by the strike, leaving thousands facing uncertainties regarding their Christmas holiday plans.

Legal Ramifications and Whistleblower Allegations:

Amidst the chaos, revelations emerged about Ruth Shmylo, a prison officer acquitted of alleged misconduct. Shmylo claimed she endured mistreatment, assault, and harassment after exposing corruption within the prison system.

The case raises questions about the treatment of whistleblowers and the broader issue of corruption in prison facilities.

Weather Woes and Cancellations:

The Met Office issued wind warnings covering Scotland, Northern Ireland, North Wales, northern England, and the Midlands. Fallen trees, object blockages, and safety inspections disrupted rail services in various regions.

Flights struggled to land at Birmingham and Manchester airports, while airlines like British Airways and Ryanair warned of potential disruptions.

Road and Market Closures:

Roads faced closures, with a lorry overturning on the M60 in Greater Manchester. Christmas markets, including those in Liverpool and Nottinghamshire, shut down due to unsafe conditions.

Damage to infrastructure, such as fallen trees and debris, prompted warnings from the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Christmas Travel Outlook:

The travel chaos comes ahead of the Christmas getaway, with the AA activating an “amber traffic warning” and estimates of 16.1 million car journeys.

Rail services, airports, and roads are expected to experience heightened disruptions during the festive period.


As the UK grapples with the aftermath of Storm Pia and Eurotunnel strikes, the broader issues of travel resilience, whistleblower protection, and systemic challenges within various sectors come to the forefront.

The festive season, typically marked by joyful reunions, is overshadowed by the complexities of navigating unpredictable weather, labor strikes, and infrastructure vulnerabilities.

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