Farewell to Favorites: Greggs Customers Mourn Discontinued Items

Farewell to Favorites: Greggs Customers Mourn Discontinued Items


As Brits, our fondness for indulging in a sausage roll or a steak bake from Greggs is no secret.

With over 2,000 Greggs stores spread across the UK, the bakery has become a beloved institution.

Recently, a Reddit thread surfaced where an alleged Greggs worker offered to divulge secrets about the popular chain, leading to a flood of inquiries from curious individuals.

The Temperature Conundrum: Sausage, Bean, and Cheese Melts

One of the revelations that emerged from the thread was the reason behind the often chilly temperature of the ‘sausage, bean and cheese melts.’

Surprisingly, despite the warm ambiance of the display counter, the storage area for these pastries is actually cold.


The Reddit poster explained that the pastries are not placed under a hot counter, which results in them cooling down quickly after coming out of the oven.

Thus, timing plays a crucial role in experiencing a warm pastry.

Timing is Everything: The Quest for Warm Pastries

For those seeking a piping hot pastry straight from the oven, the best strategy is to arrive at the store during its opening hours.

Additionally, even if you miss the initial rush, it’s not a long wait before a fresh batch of pastries is baked.

Speculation arose in the thread about whether the temperature choice was linked to avoiding value added tax (VAT) and offering products at a lower cost.


One responder noted that Greggs’ products are exempt from VAT due to their classification as non-hot food items.

The Discontinuation Dilemma: Beloved Items Lost

The thread also touched on the topic of discontinued items, which left many Greggs enthusiasts mourning their favorites.

Items like the BBQ Chicken and Bacon Toastie were lamented by customers who were surprised by their sudden disappearance.

Another fan-favorite, the steak and cheese roll made with shredded beef and Stilton cheese, vanished from the menu after 2019.

The pastries’ appearances vary based on their fillings, with distinct markings and patterns.


Decoding the Pastries: Markings and Fillings

Curious customers quizzed the Reddit poster about the patterns that distinguish various fillings.

The insider revealed that diagonal markings indicate a steak bake, wavy horizontal lines signify a chicken bake, a V shape denotes a cheese & onion bake, and straight horizontal lines identify a sausage & bean bake.

This decoding guide sparked excitement among Redditors, with one user expressing gratitude for the helpful information.

Perks for the Staff: Magic Bags and Discounts

The discussion also delved into employee perks.

The original poster revealed that staff members receive a “magic bag” for £1, which grants them a selection of items from the store, including pastries, treats, and sandwiches.


Additionally, employees enjoy a 50% discount on Greggs products and a 25% discount on other stocked items, along with complimentary hot beverages.

This insight shed light on the benefits offered to the hardworking staff behind the scenes.

Contacting Greggs: Seeking Official Comment

As the Reddit thread buzzed with revelations and discussions, it was mentioned that Greggs had been contacted for comment on the matter.

While the bakery chain’s official response was awaited, the thread continued to draw attention from curious and enthusiastic Greggs fans.

In conclusion, the Reddit thread provided a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of Greggs, shedding light on temperature mysteries, discontinued favorites, pastry markings, and employee perks.


With the information shared by the alleged Greggs worker, the next visit to this beloved bakery will undoubtedly be accompanied by newfound knowledge.

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