Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Kebab Shop Visit Sparks Fan Frenzy Over Soft Drink Prices

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Kebab Shop Visit Sparks Fan Frenzy Over Soft Drink Prices

Star-Studded Kebab Store Visit:

A snapshot resurfacing on Celeb Spellcheck’s Instagram showcased Hollywood power couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban visiting a local Manly kebab store in 2022.

The picture revealed the duo posing before a drinks fridge bearing a sign advertising two 600ml Coca Cola bottles for $9, causing an unexpected stir among fans.

Fans’ Alarming Reaction:

Eagle-eyed fans swiftly noticed the price tag on the drinks and expressed astonishment at the apparent cost, considering the high expense of two small soft drinks in Sydney.

Comments flooded in, echoing surprise and frustration at the perceived steep cost of living. Some pointed out the apparent discrepancy between the store price and supermarket rates.

Costly Convenience:

While a 600ml Coca Cola bottle typically costs $4.05 at Coles supermarket, the kebab store’s pricing of $9 for two bottles reflected a 10% increase.

This premium, common for the convenience of immediate access sans supermarket queues, seemed to have sparked the uproar among fans analyzing the photo.

Star-Couple’s Return and Culinary Choices:

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s return to Australia for the Christmas holidays led them to the famous Manly kebab takeaway.

The iconic photograph captured the Hollywood stars warmly embracing within the shop’s premises, marking a nostalgic return to the spot they had previously visited.

Familiarity and Tasty Treats:

Keith Urban, a country musician, and Nicole Kidman, an acclaimed actress, revisited the kebab store, treating themselves to lamb kebabs and falafel rolls.

The Manly Seaside Kebabs shop witnessed the stars enjoying their flavorful selections, creating a memorable outing for the celebrity couple.

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