Spanish Festival Erupts with Flour and Eggs in Els Enfarinats Tradition

Spanish Festival Erupts with Flour and Eggs in Els Enfarinats Tradition

Flour, Eggs, and a 200-Year-Old Festivity:

In the quaint town of Ibi, Alicante, the Els Enfarinats festival marks an age-old tradition where locals joyously engage in a mock battle, garbed in military attire.

Flour and eggs become the weapons of choice, creating a vibrant spectacle outside the town hall, replacing combat with laughter and joviality.

Mock Election, Coup, and Festive Celebrations:

During the festivities on the Day of the Innocents, the revelers stage a simulated coup d’etat, initiating a ‘New Justice’ regime at 8 am.

An hour later, the ‘Race for Mayor’ ensues, determining the leader of Els Enfarinats, amid a flurry of flour bombs, eggs, and fireworks, depicting their authority.

The End and Traditional Dansà:

As the day progresses, the authority of Els Enfarinats concludes at 5 pm, giving way to the Dansà, a traditional celebration.

The Day of the Innocents is rooted in biblical history, referencing the first Christian martyrs in Bethlehem.

Origins and Festive Flourish:

The name ‘Els Enfarinats’ stems from the Valencian term for breading, symbolizing ‘the breaded ones’ or ‘the floured ones.’ Pictures portray locals immersed in the playful battle, adorned head to toe in flour, adding a whimsical charm to the event.

Cultural Eccentricities and Traditions:

Spain is renowned for its eccentric food-throwing customs, with events like the Tomatina Festival in Bunol witnessing thousands flinging tomatoes each August.

The Els Enfarinats festival stands as another colorful addition to Spain’s vibrant and unique celebrations.