Family Fractures: Brad Pitt’s Heartbreak Over Estrangement from Adopted Kids

Family Fractures: Brad Pitt’s Heartbreak Over Estrangement from Adopted Kids

Devastation and Blame: Brad Pitt’s Struggle with Estrangement

Trouble in the Pitt Family: Alienation and Estrangement

Brad Pitt’s friends reveal his heartbreak over the estrangement from his three adopted children – Maddox, Pax, and Zahara.

Sources claim Angelina Jolie is responsible, accusing her of engaging in ‘textbook parental alienation.’

While Shiloh and the twins Knox and Vivienne still maintain contact as per a custody agreement, the others reportedly dropped the Pitt name informally years ago.

Public Discord: Instagram Post Resurfaces

Recent tensions escalated with an Instagram post from Pax, where he labeled Pitt a ‘f***ing awful human being.’

Friends acknowledge the authenticity but argue it was made over three years ago, shedding light on the poisonous information the children have been exposed to. Some see it as a classic case of parental alienation.

Pitt’s Response: Silent Suffering

Friends of Pitt claim he would never speak negatively about his children publicly and perceive the Instagram post as an unfortunate display of parental alienation orchestrated by Jolie.

Despite years of alleged poisonous remarks, Pitt’s team refrains from engaging in a public battle.

The actor is said to be devastated, caring deeply for all his children.

Legal Custody: New Dynamics

Currently, custody involves only the three youngest – Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne – subject to a joint custody agreement favoring Jolie.

Pitt maintains a good relationship with Shiloh, attempting to act as a peacemaker between him and the older siblings.

Jolie’s desire to relocate is hindered by Pitt’s residence choice, keeping the family in America.

Children’s Ventures: Support Amidst Strife

Zahara’s recent move to use only Jolie in her name surprised some but highlighted her close relationship with her mother.

Both Zahara and Pax contribute to Jolie’s fashion venture, Atelier Jolie, showcasing their artistic skills.

Despite the family turmoil, Pitt’s friend emphasizes that, on many levels, he is doing well, focusing on his professional pursuits.

A Dysfunctional Household: Background Struggles

Pitt and Jolie’s relationship began with Pitt assuming a potential father role to her children.

The couple’s tumultuous life included global travels, charitable missions, and unique parenting approaches.

The family dynamic intensified, with Pitt struggling under the spotlight, eventually leading to the disputed plane incident in 2016 and their subsequent divorce.

Legal Battles and Ongoing War

The divorce proceedings involved years of court-appointed therapy for the children, shuttling between their parents.

Primary custody lies with Jolie, and Pitt has specific hours to see them.

The ongoing legal battles, including issues around the children testifying and a judge’s cellphone protocol, reflect the ongoing tensions.

Recent concerns focus on the sale of Jolie’s share in the Miravel vineyard.

In the complex aftermath of a once-blended family, the war between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie endures, leaving scars on all involved parties.

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